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On-Line Sales Training: Break down the Barriers!

  • You have a multitude of remote sales reps doing what they want without the return on investment without Sales Training Online.
  • You have many remote locations relying on their own approach opposed to a consistent and effective approach.
  • You are looking to eliminate the problems associated with trying to manage and motivate remote sales reps or offices.
  • You are looking to eliminate the issues associated with an inconsistent message regardless of their location.

 Sales Training Online by Peak Performance is specifically designed for:

  Sales Organizations with territory sales reps who are inconsistent and under producing

  Sales Organizations with remote satellite sales offices that lack consistency and too much turnover

  Sales Organizations with regional or local offices that are misguided by different approaches

  Sales Organizations who cannot afford the downtime associated with traveling to training facilities

 On Line Sales Training Reduces travel, get results and accelerates revenue 

  Increases efficiency because no travel time

  All instant polling/tests scores are recorded and forwarded to management directly after each class.

  Students have to engage in instant application of methods taught through:

  Instant polling continually engages all participants

  Breakout sessions keeps each participant involved in the process

  Role play and homework reinforce course content Testing

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