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Why the CEO should play a role in Sales Development! The Key to Growth

As a Business Owner you are in a Position of Influencing Sales People which includes Providing Advice, Leadership Skills and Sales Training. We all however have Sales Strengths and Weaknesses, therefore the weaknesses that you possess, become part of the problem! CEO Coaching, Leadership Training and a Measurable Assistance Growth Plan will provide you the consistency and structure you need.

For example, if your own weaknesses include Poor Closing, Prospecting or Holding Margins, is the

advice you provide in these specific areas Productive, or Counter-Productive? What is critical is that

the message, coming from the messenger be productive! Take for example a Professional Football

Coach, who is simply unaware of the offensive or defensive plays. What type of Leadership would

you expect from this of person? 



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Most CEO’s and Business Owners are Frustrated with the Problems Inherent in Sales People such as:

  • Sales People who Fail to Diplomatically Confront Objections leaving money on the table!
  • Sales People Excuses – Weak Economy, Bad Territory, Bad Leads, Causing their Poor Performance.
  • Ineffective Cold Calls – They will Not Make them or they Simply get Poor Results
  • Sales People who are Uncomfortable Calling on Top Executives/Decision-Makers
  • Selling Cycle Too Long – Creating a more Expensive Sales Process Reducing your Margins
  • Goal Setting – No Clear Documented Measurable Goals, Resulting in Failure to Meet Quotas
  • Subserviently Providing Unnecessary Time-Consuming Proposals-Confusing Activity with Productivity
  • Sales Staff Turnover Costing you Time, Money and Frustration.
  • Failure to Uncover Budget or Discuss Money until it Becomes an Objection.

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