Sales Recruiting For Top Performers Info Package 

Reduce Turnover, Increase Production Per Hire, Attain Sustainable Growth

Uncover the Top Recruiting Obstacles facing Business Owners and Stop Turnover!

Free Sales Recruiting Information Kit: Peak Performance Training & Development is proud to provide you with our “Recruiting For Top Sales Producers” Information Kit. Presidents, CEO’s, Business Owners Do want to remove the Major Obstacles Inherent in Recruiting Sales People and stop the high cost of sales turnover?.This Sales Recruiting Information will provide you with answers to the problems inherent in Attracting, Selecting and Hiring Top Sales People.

Through This Sales Recruiting Information Kit You Will Discover:

How The high rate and cost of turnover in their sales department can be reduced

How options are available with respect to dealing with the high cost of recruiters

Why Business Owners are frustrated w/ most Recruiter’s inability to place a producer who will stick

Obstacles that lead to their inability to locate top-producing sales professionals.

Reduce the impact of Sales people that talk their way into the job, yet fail to produce new business

Why it is so difficult to differentiate those who look good from those who will produce

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