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South Florida Sales Training Seminar

South Florida Sales Training Seminar


South Florida Sales Training Seminar

Remove the Problems Inherent in Sales, Sales Mgmt. & Sales Recruiting?

Register Today |Transforming Lackluster/De-Motivated Sales People/Hiring Top Producers!

A Comprehensive CEO Sales Training Seminar for Business Owners seeking Sustainable Growth
Tuesday March 6th 2018 8:30AM-12Noon | Click Blue Bar Below to Register your Seat(s) Today

Our CEO South Florida Sales Training Seminar, specifically designed for Business Owners & Presidents speaks directly to the problems inherent in Business Development, Sales Management. and Recruiting. What are the Sales Excuses, Expense, Turnover and Lackluster Return costing you? Remove the Critical Business Development Constraints that Negatively Impact Growth. Stop accepting Sales Mediocrity and Sales Excuses!

Our South Florida Sales Training Seminar provides Immediate and Actionable Steps as to

Why Business Owners are working harder & investing more $ yet their people remain stuck in neutral.
Why you go over the same thing w/the same people w/out a change results, duplicating your time and capital investment!
How Sales Process provides you with Control and the side effect of Control is sustainable growth.
How to Identify & Select Real Producers who will stick and provide you with real growth.
Why Sales People fail to proactively prospect to identify and close new business.
Why Sales People lack the motivation/real impact to influence buyers.
How anemic sales behavior takes hold, and how to prevent it.

CEO Sales Training Seminar | Take Actionable Steps to Uncover

Why you spend far too much time trying to motivate complacent sales reps.
Why Salespeople allow Decision Makers to think about it and how to drastically reduce it!
Why Sales-people spend more time chasing prospects than they do closing deals!
Why your Sales people have so much stuck in their pipeline..yet fail to help your bottom line!
Why your company is viewed as a commodity, rather than a solution to their problems

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