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Sales and Leadership Training | Transforming Managers into Leaders

Sales and Leadership Training

Bridging the Gap between Managers, and Real Leaders

Successful Sales Managers must be Capable of Consistently:    

  • Supporting Company Initiatives through the accomplishment of department goals.
  • Directing their Sales Reps efforts in the direction of those Initiatives in order to accomplish those goals.
  • Acquiring Specialized Skills relevant to Effectively Managing Sales People
  • Acquiring Specialized Skills relevant to Motivating and Influencing Sales Reps to maintain consistency with respect to Constant Productive Behavior
  • Utilizing the Acquired Knowledge and Skills to sustain sales rep motivation and day to day behavior.

Complimentary CEO Sales Diagnostic: A CEO/Sales Management Growth Barrier Assessment

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The Transformation from Manager to Leader

One of Peak Performance Training and Development’s largest research efforts was the creation of the Manager’s Forum Seminar Series, a Sales and Leadership Training Program. We set out to identify the major factors that impact the development of Business Owners, CEO’s, Sales Directors, Sales Managers and Project Managers. Within this Seminar Series we report our assessment of the major variables that drive Management's Success and Failure.

The Evolution of Exceptional Managers

A Manager’s ability to visualize and develop systems, methods and growth strategies which will provide lasting value to the corporation, evolves over time. Most Managers experience vigorous learning curves with several plateaus. It is these plateaus and learning curves that negatively impact your bottom line. Progression through these learning curves represents a transformation from simply reacting, to that of effectively strategizing, developing, and creating a productive course of action and outcome. This course was developed in order to help provide you with the structure needed to experience a real transition from reacting or a basic logical data driven response or process to a more proactive, intuitive and experience driven process.

In the early stages of a Managers career they generally deal; with built in, anticipated easily measured elements of their job. As they develop as managers they transform to conceptualize and develop long-term systems and methods to increase productivity. Within our Communications Course, you will understand the behavioral characteristics of yourself and more importantly those you are responsible for. You will find managing through behavior is far more effective than managing through simply giving directives and commandments. In addition, you will uncover the emotions that drive and motivate others in order to achieve your objectives and theirs. Business Owners, Presidents and CEO's: Click here to Request your Free CEO Sales and Growth Barrier Information Kit.

For any Manager to excel they must possess a strong personal motivation, strong communication skills and intelligence. Sufficient time and experience were also important factors, which is why Peak Performance Managers Forum takes places over the course of one year. It assists in the process of taking “Knowing” to “Owning”.

In today’s marketplace, the successful manager understands that he or she is primarily responsible for building and organization within an organization. In The Managers Forum you will learn to develop and Individual Development Plan (I.D.P). This plan allows you to understand and develop the unique mix of skills and abilities one brings to any work assignment. An I.D.P also serves to provide today’s manager with a foundation for individual success.

Effective Leaders must:

  • Understand how to manage different people, differently
  • Objectively observe their reps behavior, analyze and respond in an objective, supportive, and constructive manner.
  • Motivate different people, differently | Inspire, enable and recognize their reps for their performance.

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Sales and Leadership Training | Peak Performance Sales Training