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Philadelphia Sales Coaching

Philadelphia Sales Coaching


Philadelphia Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching | The Critical Component of Internalization

Whether you want to Master Golf, one of the Martial Arts, speak a new language, or Master Sales to grow your company, then coaching is a critical component of your success. This component can be defined as ‘the process of developing and accelerating sales performance by initiating and sustaining behavioral changes’. For example, if you are not happy with your golf score, then it is critical that you alter your golf swing and prevent yourself from falling back into counter-productive habits. For Philadelphia Sales Coaching, Call us today at 866-816-0991 to discuss how this component can accelerate performance.

Every sales leader wants a productive high performance sales team but only 1/3 of sales people meet or exceed quota, according to Aberdeen Group.

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Sales Managers generally do not invest the time to effectively instruct sales people. Most Sales Managers typically came from a successful background in sales; opposed to understanding the psychology of effective management. Larry Bird, former NBA great with the Boston Celtics once commented in an interview as to why he felt he was not as successful as a manager, compared to that of his playing day. He said that he tried to make everyone into another Larry Bird. This was opposed to working with each player individually, to identify their own strengths and weakness.

What is key is to understand how to manage different people, differently. Sales people all process information differently and are motivated by different things. By not investing the time and resources into effective sales advice you are missing out on a valuable opportunity and effective way to develop your Sales Force. Both new hires and seasoned reps can dramatically benefit one on one sales advice, particularly when the organization is experiencing flat sales, entering a new market, implementing new go-to-market strategies, or expanding product offerings. Call us direct at 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options.

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