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Effective Sales Seminars

Effective Sales Seminars


Effective Sales Seminars | Register Here Today

Transforming Lackluster/De-Motivated Sales People/Hiring Top Producers!

A Comprehensive Sales Management Seminar for Business Owners | Register your Seat (s) here Today!

Our CEO Sales Training Seminar provides Immediate and Actionable Steps as to

• How and Why Anemic Sales Behavior takes hold, and how to prevent it.
• Why Sales People lack the motivation/real impact to influence buyers and how to change it.
• How to Identify Real Sales Producers who will stick and provide real you with real growth.
• Why Sales People fail to Prospect in order to identify and close new business.
• Why you continue to go over the same thing w/the same sales people w/out a change in results!
• Why you are working harder yet your people remain stuck in neutral and content.
• How implementing a Real Sales System provides Control resulting in sustainable growth.

Take Actionable Steps to Remove the Obstacles to Sales Growth Register today to discover:

• Why you invest far too much time trying to Motivate Complacent Sales Reps.
• Why Salespeople convert Decision Makers into Procrastinators and then chase them 
• Why Sales-people spend more time chasing prospects than Closing Profitable Deals!
• Why Sales people have such a robust and often unqualified pipeline, yet fail to close deals
• Why your reps are viewed as a commodity, rather than a Profitable Solution
• Stop accepting Poor Sales Performance and Excuses | Register Here Today