Best Sales Training | Critical Steps in Delivering Sales Training

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Best Sales Training

Best Sales Training

The Critical Steps in Delivering the Best Sales Training

Step One: Identify and Agree on Desired End Results

Before we develop a Sales Training Program, you need a clear understanding of your Desired End Results. It is critical that together we quantify where you are VS where you want to be. It is critical that you are very transparent and clear about these goals prior to and during sales training.

These objectives and the gaps that must be bridged must be communicated to your sales reps, allowing them to clearly understand what is expected of them.

Step Two: Assess Specific Strengths and Weaknesses

Before we begin to train, change or coach any sales team, we first access individual and group strengths and weaknesses providing us a clear understanding as to Sales specific issues must be targeted within the Training Program. This allows us to develop the Sales Training Courses in a way that targets Leadership, Management and Sales deficiencies providing productive support. Peak Performance Training and Development does not rely on Blanket Training. This refers to Companies that believe one shoe fits all. A Doctor cannot prescribe the same drug or treatment to ten different patients, right, nor should you.

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Step Three: Targeted Training

Our Targeted Training and Sales Coaching is heavy weighted in the identified areas of weakness. We believe the overall group should be utilizing a consistent approach making use of consistent process reducing the "wing-it" approach. While the overall group must be on "the same page" each individual has certain habits and beliefs that impede selling success. Call us direct at 866-816-0991 to discuss your desired end results.

Step Four: Targeted Un-Training

As human beings we are habitual. Meaning that we have certain management, hiring or sales beliefs that convert into habits. Habits slowly form your routine. Unfortunately, only parts of your sales routine are naturally productive, while others are not. It is essential that sales people, many of which have been selling for years identify what they do that naturally works, and what they do that works against them! Un-training deals with the issues that have management going over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, habit, routine or result!

Step Five: Deliver Relevant & Engaging Content

Step Six: Provide Ongoing Coaching & Reinforcement

Step Seven: Tracking: What you Expect, you must Inspect

Best Sales Training | Peak Performance Sales Training