Impact Sales | Economic Down Turn Impacts Sales Revenue. 

The US Government defines tough times as two quarters of negative economic growth. However, we don’t need to wait for a bulletin to realize things are tough, or that it will impact sales, do we. We feel it before they see it! You know the shift has taken place when buyers become more skeptical, or they negotiate harder resulting in extended selling cycles or margin erosion is caused by price slashing. Either result is devastating for your bottom line.

The biggest impact Business Owners suffer is the decline in their sales people’s attitudes”as they begin to accept the excuses and become subservient to the buyers demands. Then the externalization for their poor performance begins: It’s the economy, There is nothing I can do about it or My prospects have no money, or they’re going to buy, just not now. What can you as an owner do about it?  For more on dealing with the impact of negative economy  

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Business Owners and CEO’s Take Actionable Steps 

The Impact of these Problems if left un-addressed! You can either accept these excuses and the lackluster performance that comes with them or implement change. First let’s look at the problems and ramifications of doing nothing. Failure to close and extended selling cycles negatively impact sales people in several ways, in particular with respect to attitude:

Increased Rejection: The extension of sales cycles inevitably increases a sales person’s time investment with each prospect and your cost of doing business. The more time, energy and expertise provided increases the sales persons belief (or at least their hope) that a positive outcome is inevitable. At the end of the cycle when they determine they have been used by the prospect for their expertise and pricing, only to get the incumbent down in price, they fall so much harder, the rejection is greater and the long term impact to their attitude can be both devastating and contagious!

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