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Ten Reasons Why Salespeople Lose Sales

Ten Reasons Why Salespeople Lose Sales

Ten Reasons Salespeople Lose Sales

Over the past few decades Peak Performance Training and Development has interviewed thousands of salespeople, whether in the role of recruiting or in training, regarding how they win in sales and how they lose.

These discussions were conducted with salespeople across approx 140 industries.

In these discussions our focus was on what sales people perceived as their top sales obstacles.

These are the first two—with more to come

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1) Failure to make a Decision! Your real obstacle is not competition, in particular those with lower pricing models.It is the sales persons inability to get a decision from a Decision Maker! Often it is the sales persons own buying habit that impede sales success in particular in the area of gaining a commitment. How you Buy, translates into how you Sell! For example, when buying a car, you shop 37 dealerships, you spend 6 months looking and you know more about the car than the plant that built it! You are an “Information Gatherer”. Monday morning when faced with a buyer, who wants to think it over, you now have to deal with the internal discussion one has with themselves; It sounds like this, “Hey I understand, I would do the same thing!” 

This is known as Customer Empathy! Result: Over Bloated Pipeline. Sales people we find, more often than not would rather invest time into a procrastinator than to hear the work NO.Therefore after converting a Decision Maker into a Procrastinator they continue to invest corporate time, energy, manpower and money into people, many of which really never had a solid motive to take action. More importantly if they did the sales person never uncovered it.

2) Inability to Penetrate New Accounts. This is a direct result of ineffectiveness or the inability to craft and ask deep penetrating question to allow your client to uncover a problem that merits a solution. They are so focused on detailing features and benefits that the customer doesn’t realize there is a problem to begin with! This sales barrier occurs despite the fact that many sales people constantly complain about the lack of leads being generated by their company.