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Top Sales Performers The Difference Between Top Sales Reps & the Rest

Top Sales Performers

Top Sales Performers The Difference Between Top Sales Reps & the Rest
They View Obstacles as Opportunity
Business Owners, CEO's and Presidents: Do your sales people have more excuses and reasons for failing to meet quotas? Or do they develop, implement and stick with a different and more productive course of action? 
In these difficult economic times sales people become quite black and white. In other words the difference between top performers and rest becomes quite clear. For those of you who find it difficult to differentiate between the two, let’s look at a few differentiating factors.
1) Externalization: The average sales person often fails to look within. They fail to look in the mirror to determine where they went wrong and what change must be made. Instead they externalize their problems. Externalization comes in various forms.
• My manager is terrible
• The economy is impossible
• Our pricing is just too high
• My clients have no money
• Our leads don’t convert
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CEO's and Business Owners Take Actionable Steps 
If you find yourself, or your sales people externalizing, rather than internalizing, identifying and acknowledging areas in need of improvement, Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 Until and unless these common sales constraints are identified, management will continue to go over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, routine or result.
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2) Failure to Adapt to the Environment As human beings we are habitual. Meaning that our mindset (what is right, what is wrong, what we can or cannot do) quickly converts into habits. Habits then form our sales routine, or day to day approach towards selling. Please keep in mind that sales people do not set out to self sabotage.
We DO WHAT WE DO because we believe it is the right thing to do! The question is, is it the most productive thing to do?  The sales environment today has changed dramatically. The economy has changed, budgets have shrunk, the marketplace has changed, and buyers are buying in a completely different way. The question here is, have you? Top performers adapt and change their approach based on changes happening all around us.
Business Owners: In order to Identify Non Productive Habits your sales team relies on, first identify the common problems they face. 
3) Extreme Conditions Create Extreme Behavior As human beings, when conditions become extreme (economic conditions are bar or sales are down) we do not change. Instead we resort to extreme behavioral.
In other words we do more of what DOESN’T WORK! Top performing sales reps self assess and adjust. The rest continue to rely on a non productive routine. Top performing managers assess the routines of their sales people and in a productive way incrementally adjust those routines. The rest simply drive their sales people to do more, of what doesn’t work.
Business Owners and Presidents:
• Are you working harder and longer for less?
• Are you going over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, routine or result?
• Are you stuck on a sales plateau?
• Has sales complacency set in?