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Sales Team | Driving them Towards Productivity

Sales Team

Sales Team | Driving them Towards Productivity

Many believe that Companies actually have a Corporate Culture, when what they have in place is Corporate Behavior, in otherwords a way of doing things. Read on to uncover how your Corporate Behavior may be an anchor to growth!

Do your sales people tend to “manage established accounts” or develop new ones? Do they tend to "over service” at the expense of "under-selling"? Is your focus on quality or driving your corporate bottom line?

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Most people don’t realize that the sales culture within an organization is actually built upon the beliefs and routines of those who manage the company. If you happen to be a Business Owner, President, CEO or Sales Manager, then that would be you…please read on.

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Do you believe in solidifying, managing and maintaining established relationships or developing new ones? This can, in a down economy be the difference between getting stuck atop the "sales plateau" or achieving real growth. With that understanding, you have infused both good and bad practices. These practices (Corporate Culture) generally come from two different areas:

1) Your Success,
2) Your Behavior

Your Success: Your past success can become your future anchors. We all consciously or subconsciously attempt to duplicate past success by relying on what used to work. We rely on doing more of what used to work for less. Opposed to changing our viewpoint and sales approach we simply rely on doing more of what used to work…… for less. Driving behavior rather than changing behavior. Brilliant isn’t it! More advertising and marketing, more hiring and firing, more sales meetings, all quite often for less!

Your Behavior: What you believe is the most effective thing to do, unfortunately is not always the most productive thing to do. It is your viewpoint that drives behavior. Behavior meaning what you do on a day to day basis to generate business. Do you tend to rely on your Rolodex and networking for business, or do you aggressively attack the phones relying on prospecting and front line combat style selling to generate new business? Many service related companies for example find themselves between a rock and a hard place today based on their beliefs and subsequent behavior. Often their base business is built followed by the inevitable; and that is that they are so busy servicing and filling potential new orders, that they have no time to prospect for new business. This dilemma is often the root cause of what we refer to as the sales plateau.

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