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Sales Recruiting Why you can't find the Sales Superstar

Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting Why you can't find the Sales Superstar

Business Owners, Presidents and Sales Managers often dramatically reduce their margins by making a major and common mistake—more Recruiting!...often their biggest anchor to gaining the traction necessary to get to the next level. Opposed to solidifying their core sales team by training them, changing them and providing them with the necessary tools to become more effective, they decide to compound the problem by hiring more superstars. 

Often when speaking with Presidents, Business Owners and Sales Directors we hear a common theme. When asked about the overall effectiveness of their sales team with regard to new business development they typically respond with. “Well, I guess if I were to rate my team for developing new business, I would say they are not bad, they are about a 6 out of 10.” Let’s look at this situation for a moment. Sixty percent effective! Are you paying out 60% of their salary, 60% of the auto expense, 60% of the advertising and marketing dollars, and 60% of their benefits?

You are investing 100% of your time, energy and capital into an employee who is only delivering a 60% return on investment!

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Opposed to implementing a solid sales structure to maximize performance for this stellar group of 60 per-centers management decides to deteriorate their margins further by compounding the problem with additional sales recruiting—that they rely on the same hiring criteria used to hire there current group of 60 per-centers, in order to locate their next sales superstar! Their rationale is that if they locate a real star, then this person is going to stiffen the spine of the existing team and get their attention. 

Remember; you thought the current group of 60 per-centers were superstars when you hired them, right? What happened to them? What went wrong?

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