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Sales Strategy Execution:The Key to Growth

Sales Strategy Execution

Business Owners | Eliminate the Root Cause of Sales Failure!

• Ineffective Sales Management Strategy, or:

• Failure to Execute on Strategies Implemented?

Recent studies across the North America, Europe and Asia show that New Business Development and overall Revenue Growth is now an agenda priority for the CEO or Business Owner. You have read many articles regarding effective sales strategy, however very little is done regarding the core skills and practices required for execution.

In fact, Harvard Business reports that 90% of strategies fail, not because of the strategy is wrong, but because of failure to execute. Although there are many, the two main reasons for failure to execute on sales strategies, resulting in failure to grow, are outlined below.

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With the focus now firmly on increasing revenue, the responsibility to deliver new sales growth is contingent upon your ability to execute on these developed and newly implemented sales strategies. CEO’s and Business Owners are now working with rapidly changing market conditions that are complex and highly competitive. Many companies today are operating ‘thin’ with sales turnover, aggressive and often more effective competition and cash flow pressures. It is now more important than ever to have a highly effective and consistent sales team to deliver new business development and top line revenue.

Sales Strategy Execution has never been as high on the agenda of companies based on these new business conditions. Any effective strategy simply handed out to sales people in a Monday Morning meeting goes out the window when sales people are faced with the emotion of a skeptical prospect short on time and more than willing to explore other options.

Two Reasons for Failure to Execute:

1. Failure to take Sales Strategy from Knowing to Owning

2. Failure to hold sales people accountable to Sales Strategies

Failure to Take Knowing to Owning: You cannot Master the Piano by simply reading a book. You cannot achieve Black Belt Status in the Martial Arts based on watching a video, by simply sitting through a class. Professional Athletes do not simply show up to play and perform in the game. They too go through what is known as On-Going Reinforcement Training. Sales Strategy Development that includes effective Sales Coaching is a Critical component of Growth!

An analogy would be an NFL Coach who spends most of his time developing and refining a successful Offensive and Defensive playbook. However, he fails to implement the repetitious process of Ongoing Reinforcement Training; Practice, to transcend strategy into effective and continued execution.

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could capture the untapped value in your Sales Team through effective Business Development Training reinforced with Ongoing Sales Coaching?

At Peak Performance our focus is on bridging the Gap between Knowing and Owning. Unless your sales people actually internalize New Business Development Strategies with effective Reinforcement and Sales Coaching providing them with the confidence to deal with any sales barrier, you will not achieve sustainable growth!