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Sales Stagnation: The Impact of Failing to Act on Uncertainty

Sales Stagnation

Sales Stagnation: The Impact of Failing to Act on Uncertainty

Business Owners: Running a Sales Organization includes taking on risks on a day to day basis. Challenging sales people, holding them accountable to day to day productive sales behavior and even terminating those who do not perform, well, that IS your job. However fear of change and more importantly concerns over how sales people may accept these changes negatively impacts business like no other obstacle,causing sales stagnation. Once you have drawn the conclusion that change is in order you must first understand the mental barriers that arise that sabotage your ability to carry out the changes needed to get into gear. 

1) Relying on Hope: Business Owners hope for a proactive sales environment that will relieve them of doing what they know must be done! If you know it must be done, stop waiting & take action.

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2) Fear Driven Response: Some business owners feel the need to protect others against risks … known and unknown. They fail to address or hold sales people accountable to productive day to day sales behavior necessary to yield results. This is analogous to an NFL Coach who fails to enforce practice routines yet wonders why they cannot win on the field! This fear-driven response to the problem narrows their options, and in many cases creates an organization-wide paralysis that nearly certainly leads to the sales plateau, sales decay or ultimately insolvency. If you’re not acting to implement change then you are simply allowing your company to remain in a state of growth paralysis.

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3) Over Reaction: Some Business Owners, often those who fall victim to barriers one and two listed above, now move into a mental growth barrier known as over reaction. Having sat back for months relying on Hope to change their day, or for those who fall victim to fear what happens is they simply become a spectator within their own firm. They sit back and watch as sales people simply go through the motions without developing any viable results to show for it. Business Owners who fall victim to Over Reaction often attempt to manage their own emotions over time without implementing necessary and productive change. Eventually the pressure builds and the result is a pendulum that swings back with such mighty force that in the least the result is a group of de-motivated sales people, or at worst they now must begin the interviewing process to replace who was terminated or those who left.