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Sales Results: Repetitious Acts that don't deliver ROI

Sales Results

Sales Results: Repetitious Acts that don't deliver ROI

Un-Training: Breaking Counter Productive Sales Activities and Sales Management Mindsets

What do we do habitually that unknowingly works against us, and why? At Peak Performance we know why sales people, sales management and Business Owners consistently exhibit counter-productive, less-than-productive and on occasion self-destructive behavior and we know how to break this cycle! The negative ramification is that management tend to go over the same thing with the same sales people without a change in habit, routine or results.

Un-Training: Understanding the importance of, and how to break counter productive sales and sales management mindsets and habits is a key focus at Peak Performance Training & Development. Example: Often it is the sales persons own buying habits that impede sales success in particular in the area of gaining a commitment. 

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CEO's and Business Owners Take Actionable Steps 

How you Buy, translates into how you Sell! For example, when buying a car, you shop 37 dealerships, you spend 6 months looking and you know more about the car than the plant that built it! You are an “Information Gatherer”. Monday morning when faced with a buyer, who wants to think it over, you now have to deal with the internal discussion one has with themselves; It sounds like this, “I understand, I would do the same thing!” This is known as Customer Empathy!

Self-Assessment & Change: Business Owners and CEO’s often fail to acknowledge there role in their level of dissatisfaction! Unless we have the capability to acknowledge our own weaknesses and implement change, then we do not have the capacity to identify weakness in others and affect change in them!