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Sales Problems | When CEO's have them yet fail to act!

sales problems

Sales Problems When CEO's have them yet fail to take Actionable Steps!

For some time now you have been telling yourself everything will be just fine. These bad times will soon pass. All along you have been experiencing sales person complacency, excuses and turnover. You are working harder and longer for less or, you are working harder and longer simply to keep other in a job! Yet, you keep telling yourself everything will be just fine. 

Have you been treading water reading these tips telling yourself how interesting they are. You tell yourself they make sense, yet fail to act. You have it under control. This IS the problem. By reaching out for help you feel you may expose yourself. However, you are exposing yourself to a greater degree when you fail to act on what you now know is a problem that isn’t going anywhere, until you act on it that is.

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Business Owners and CEO's Take Actionable Steps 

In a negative economy or when conditions become extreme, human beings DO NOT change. In extreme condition human beings become extreme in their behavior. This refers to the fact that we as human beings are habitual. Our habits form routines and our routines will only deliver a certain level of productivity. In fact what we tend to do is MORE of what isn’t working. In other words, you do act, however you fail to change.  

Mistake Number 1: More advertising and marketing in order to get MORE leads. If your sales people are not very effective now at converting leads into meetings and meeting into money then why are you reducing your own margins? In other words you have decided to spend more to get MORE LEADS in order to continue to CLOSE LESS!  

Mistake Number 2: We compound our problem opposed to getting all of the sales people on the same page, moving in the same direction, and in a productive and profitable manner, we sit back and complain about lackluster performance and then we make a move. The move is not change at all! In fact the move is where you simply rely on doing more of what is not working. We actually utilize the same ineffective hiring criteria and process that led you to hire this current group of mediocre producers. This is followed by using the same less than productive process to ramp them up, train, manage and motivate them?

Again, you are reducing your margins! In other words if you could envision a horse racing track that was in disrepair. It has holes all over it creating a condition whereby the current group of horses has slowed down. 

You have two options:

  1. Repair the track and provide a stable foundation increasing the current group’s effectiveness.
  2. Go out and hire another stallion. The problem here is twofold. The previous group you hired were stallions when you first hired them, right? The new horse IS going to acclimate, slow down and possibly get hurt!
Finally we force our sales people into extreme behavior opposed to implementing real change. Rather than changing their minds, habits and sales routine we force them into extreme behavior by asking them to do MORE OF what is not working. More time, more energy, more phone calls, more meetings, more proposals and more deals. However when we ask our sales people to rely on more of what is the direct cause of rejection, depletion of self esteem and what much in management eventually see as the downward spiral resulting in one or more of the following consequences.
1) The quit and leave
2) You ask them to leave or:
3) They quit and stick around