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Sales Issues that require a Directional Change

Sales Issues

Sales Issues that require a Directional Change

Often it begins with a Business Owner having a feeling that things are not good. Because of the consistency in problems they become conditioned and often consciously unaware of what is happening.

However the feeling remains. It is analogous to a parent who becomes conditioned to a badly behaved child you simply refuses to clean his or her room. What is imperative is that Business Owners actually come to the realization that these problems are real, and do not go away on their own. Certain incremental actions can and will brings these problems under control.

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Business Owners and CEO's Take Actionable Steps

However, failure to recognize and acknowledge the issues outlined below creates a downward spiral that can become un-managable

  • Constant Managerial Frustration based on relying on a Wing it Approach opposed to a Consistent, Effective, Productive and Duplicatable Sales Process
  • Built up Resentment based on numerous attempts to motivate de-motivated sales people who lack initiative, direction and effective follow up
  • Anxiety based on Complacency/Lack of a planned Sales Course of action resulting in stagnant sales, lost market share and profit
  • Lack of aggressiveness/diplomatic confrontation towards objections or competing bids resulting in lost sales and self esteem
  • Margin decay caused by failure to convert valuable and expensive leads resulting in profit loss
  • Accepting excuses that the poor sales performance is a result of the economy, and wait out the storm rather than implementing real change to increase sales
  • Although a victim of expensive turnover, you continue to hire using the same criteria believing that your sales superstar is just around the corner!
  • Decide against supporting the existing sales people, and opt to compound your problem by hiring more of them!
  • Succumb to the complaints of the sales team “I have know one to call”, resulting in money spent on marketing and advertising, yet you have not dealt with the problem of low closing ratios.