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Sales Investment: Do you get the ROI you deserve?

Sales Investment

CEO Sales Investment: Do you get the ROI you Deserve?

Business Owners, Presidents and CEO’s: Do you Invest 100% of your Time, Energy and Money without the Return on Investment? CEO’s of sales organizations spend much of their time second guessing what they could have or should have done differently that would have produced a better result.

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For example sales people you hire… yet do not produce, positive attitudes that slowly convert into excuses and justifications for poor performance surface followed by an environment of complacency that creates anemic sales activities and turnover all create a plateau effect.

Quite often traditional sales people sit back after all of the hours of prospecting, pitching, presenting, proposal writing and chasing and go over in their own minds why the prospect, who seemed so interested did not buy. The reasons that typically come to the surface are at the very least, predictable.

Your price is too high! We need to “Think about it”! We have decided to back burner this project for now! We have decided to stay with our current vendor! We went with your competition

Unless you take action to change the environment and your company's sales approach, you are in effect accepting status quo! Have you identified areas of inefficiency in your company? If these concerns have been consistent and constant this is simply acceptance of the problem.

The question is, why are these reasons consistent, and why is it that we consistently determine these reasons only after it is far too late? Time spent reading emails, responding to voice mails, writing proposals with little or no real criteria, pitching to non-decision makers and not holding prospects accountable to commitments made is not time spent selling, it is time spent chasing! What percentage of the overall time on the job is actually spent eye to eye, belly to belly qualified selling with new prospects?

How much time conversely is spent chasing and or babysitting existing customers who translate into little more than a trickle of residual income? Why does this dilemma plague sales organizations? Understand that it is you, management that either develop the environment or allow it to take place. You lowest level of acceptance for poor performance and productivity is typically the highest level of performance you can expect. A better question is what is this costing you on a day to day, month to month basis?

For example if you reduced by half the amount of time either you or your sales people spend chasing procrastinators and doubled your actual time spent selling (most sales people are only in front of new prospects {outside the scope of your existing core client base} 5%-20% of the time or 2-8 appointments/hours per week) what would this translate into with regards to gross sales?

Does your sales team have a uniform system of selling? Does your company have a playbook in regards to sales? The first step is to identify which roadblocks are most common and constant in your business. Below is a link to our design program form. By completing this form below, you will take one step closer towards identifying the real root cause of the sales symptoms that negatively impact sales productivity. Visit Complimentary Problem Diagnostic

If you really look at the amount of time invested into prospecting, engaging, presenting, writing proposals followed by chasing the prospect only to determine your sales people were on a fishing expedition and then compare that with your real ROI, you will realize the importance addressing this matter sooner rather than later. If you had a stock portfolio that was only performing at 50% of its potential would you keep dumping time and money into these under performing stocks? No! What you would do is you would access what you have, determine what is salvageable and how to address it and cut your losses with regards to what is really a dead issue. Hope is not a viable solution.

Is the great majority your time spent preparing the fish you caught for dinner, or is your time spent simply fishing or better yet or talking about the “one that got away? In order to step outside of the box, access what you have and to determine how much room for improvement or untapped/unrealized potential you may have in your existing sales people call Peak Performance Today at 866-816-0991