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Sales Growth Spotlight Why we Fail to Attain Sustainable Sales Growth!

Why CEO's Fail to Attain Sustainable Growth!

Attaining Sales Growth

Getting Business Owners off the Sales Plateau!

The number one reason why sales organizations fail to attain sustainable growth could be debated for years without a consensus. We will provide you our opinion which comes with decades of experience dealing with sales organizations in over 140 industries. First, we must take into consideration that we now work and sell in an environment which is extremely competitive and un-loyal at best, making sales growth even more difficult.

Skeptical buyers, budget constraints and turnover now make for a selling environment which is more difficult than it has ever been; that is for those who continue to use outdated selling methodology. If you find yourself struggling to compete, or lose sales you should be closing, 

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Business Owners and CEO's Take Actionable Steps 

The number one reason for the failure to attain real sustainable growth can and must be dealt with at the point of first contact. You as a Business Owner experience the point of first contact with any sales person in the interview. At Peak Performance part of what we do is unconventional Sales and Sales Management Recruiting. What we mean by unconventional is that we do not make a decision based a resume or our gut feelings towards any particular candidate. We utilize a process which involves certain steps used to eliminate what in most cases ends up being a very expensive mistake for most companies.

Reason for Failure: The inability to clearly and effectively differentiate themselves from the rest. One of those steps is to identify a candidates ability to clearly and effectively differentiate themselves from the rest. All sales candidates will tell you they can sell, or that tell you “you won’t be sorry”. Well, most of you reading this article are smart enough and experienced enough not to fall for these expected and inevitable sales cliches. 

Therefore we want you to go deeper. The following question must be asked of any candidate, in particular for those of you who happen to sell a product or service that tends to be commoditized. The questioned posed to each candidate is this?

"If you were put in a room with nine competitors, competing for one job the following might occur should you be in front of a savvy buyer. He or she might just pose a difficult question to you. I would like for you to respond to the following question." And that question is: "Why you?" | "What makes you so special?" | "How is it that you are different from anyone else sitting at this table?"

The inevitable and expected answers do not at all differentiate these candidates, but in fact, commodotizes them! The answers sound like this: "Well I am a Top Producer", or "I am a Closer", or "I have been in the Business"

The point here is that if you ask any other candidate if they consider themselves to be a Top Producer, or a Closer--how do you think they will respond. You have just witnessed your candidate actually commodotizing themselves, opposed to differentiating themselves! If they are unable to clearly differentiate themselves in the interview, how well do you think they will perform after you give them the job!