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Recession Proof Selling | Re-Set your Direction!

recession proof selling

Recession Proof Selling | Re-Set your Direction! 

Are you betting your future on the economy turning around? Or better yet, are you placing your financial future in the hands of your sales team? At Peak Performance we strongly believe in placing your sales team into a sales process that includes a consistent offense, a consistent defense and an agreed to set of plays. What sort of success would an NFL football team have with an agreed to offense?

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Without a Uniform System of Selling you are putting your company’s financial future into the hands of sales people, many of which view sales opportunities through rose colored glasses and have no real sales process in place. What sort of success would any NFL football team have with an agreed to offense?

How is this negative economy and low consumer confidence impacting sales? Sales people all begin with great intent and an optimistic viewpoint. They begin a new job, a new week or a new month believing that they can "Move a mountain". However,  a transition occurs that leaves them "Hoping to meet quota"? Did they possess this "Less than" attitude when they came in to interview? Failing to address this negative attitudinal shift and allowing your sales people to remain in the same sales routine will guarantee three things:

  1. Their less than productive attitude will not change and may become contagious.
  2. Their less than productive approach will continue to bring in less than stellar results.
  3. The sales obstacles and excuses, a side effect of their routine will continue.

This is a result of not implementing change...you find yourself going over the same thing w/ the same people w/out a change in mindset, routine or results.

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These are simply the facts. How you deal with the current economic side effects will be the deciding factor as to your financial outcome. How will the current economic conditions impact your company? What can you do about it? The question is will you actually take action opposed relying on hope. Simply doing MORE of what may not be working is like sticking your company in neutral.

Tip # 1: Stop resorting to "Extreme Behavior" (Doing more of what isn't working)

Tip # 2: Stop relying on a "Wing it" approach & implement consistent sales criteria and a uniform system of selling all adhere to.

Tip # 3: Stop trying to motivate (rah-rah) your team and focus on attitudinal improvement. Remember you did not hire them because of a negative mindset and excuses they delivered in the interview, right? This mindset developed over time and for reasons that can be reversed.