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Quantifying Real Loss Overcomes Price Objections

Quantifying Real Loss

Quantifying Real Loss Overcomes Price Objections 

In today’s economy it is not enough for a sales professional to simply resort to asking "You have a problem and it's costing you time and money, right?" In your mind, as a Real Trusted Adviser you must ask yourself, followed by asking the prospect "We need to determine to what extent these issues are really impacting you/your company. What is it causing? What is it costing? What will it cost you should you make a conscious decision to “back burner” the problems?" If the negative ramifications caused by the need, want, pain, fear or problem are something that can simply be managed moving forward, why would your prospect invest into a solution? In particular when they do not have a real clear vision as to what impact the problem has had and is currently (and potentially will have on the future) costing.

When a sales person presses forward to uncover the real cost of the problem(s) and the prospect balks, is this is a problem? Not unless the sales person does the same thing! Vagueness is a red flag. When you hesitate to uncover a real cost associated with the problems, that were the very reason why the prospect meets with you, you can generally bank on the fact that money will become an issue, in particular for those of you selling a product or service that is higher in price that that of your competition. Are your margins suffering based on the inability to sell on value and hold your price? 

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Stop getting in your own way! It is your job to assist your prospects in identifying and uncovering the real cost of not acting. Remember why they (your prospect) meet with you does not always translate into why they buy from you. When you look at 100% of the prospects that meet with you, they basically are in one of two camps. Those that buy from you and those that don’t! What is the difference between these two types of prospects? Two things; You are one of them as you obviously are different from the competition. We either connect with prospects, or disconnect. We have all left a meeting with a prospect for the first time only to ask ourselves a question, “What planet was that come from?” Remember one thing, they may be asking the same question about you! The other is the real emotional attachment and extent of the problem. How badly do they need or want your service or product? The pain, fear or problem, what is it causing? What is it costing? This is your job! 

Prior to pitching or presenting anything, you must first allow your prospect to fully and completely understand the extent of the problem and the real impact it is having, and will have if not addressed! What will it cost you moving forward should you, Mr. /Ms. Decision Maker decide to make a conscious decision to place this problem on the back burner? The real question is; “What will it cost you Mr./Ms. Salesperson should you decide against pressing forward when faced with this common sales obstacle? “ To re gain the profit lost based on difficulty in differentiating your product and holding value call us Direct at 866-816-0991.

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