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Managing Sales People | How Sales People, Manage Management !

Managing Sales People

Managing Sales People: How Sales Reps, Manage Management 

Have you ever wondered why your sales team is not achieving what you perceive to be optimum levels of production for your company? Or why you find yourself going over the same thing with the same sales people without a change in mindset, routine or result? Below we will explore just two major reasons why Business Owners lose control over their sales people, corporate direction and profit margins.

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Business Owners Take Actionable Steps 

1. The Business Owner who does not have an intimate knowledge of the problems inherent in sales.

Ramifications: This Business Owner with no front line sales experience often falls prey to the excuses for non-productivity provided by the sales person. You’re relying on a system or rather the lack of a system used by your sales people—Your plugging your company and financial future into the hands of your sales people rather than taking your sales people and plugging them into your system. Shipping and receiving, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer service, tall these departments have a system that employees must adapt to, comply with and work within the checks and balances of the system.

Unfortunately, most sales people receive very few checks from their prospects and as such keep their companies out of balance. 

2. The Business Owner who was successful at sales but lets their entrepreneurial spirit impede sales productivity

Ramifications: In this situation, the characteristics of the Business Owner—entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to be in control—results in him or her over-directing and over-controlling the sales team leading in high turnover rates. Unfortunately, the people who do stay with this type of business owner or sales manager are the ones who are followers by nature and as such are subservient not only to their boss but also to their prospects. This sales person’s inability to take control results in the business owner stepping in to close deals or resurrect sales. So in this scenario the sales people are getting paid to sell while the business owner ends up doing the majority of the work. Who’s really managing who here?