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Hiring Sales People | Poor Hiring Decisions

Hiring Sales People

Hiring Sales People | Poor Hiring Decisions

So, you want to break the self-destructive cycle of poor hiring decisions that have cost you so much money in the past and may continue to cost you money going forward if left unchecked? After all, the majority of your time is dedicated to hiring sales people that don't work out, not into hiring top sales producers. 

Why is it when we initially hire a new sales person, we have such high hopes for their ability and future production levels only to be disappointed down the road? Your gut feeling was that this was the one. However this was merely another one who cost you time, energy and money.

How much has it cost you? How much will it cost you going forward?

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Frustrations Associated with Hiring:

In an economy infested with contracting capital budgets, cynical decision-makers, and sales professionals with poor outlook and morale, selecting the right sales person is vital to your bottom line. Hiring practices today require a novel approach that cuts through all the time-consuming feel-good bonding and gets right to the root of who WILL sell, as opposed to those who have sold.

Most Business Owners are frustrated by:

  1. The high rate of sales staff turnover.
  2. Their high expectations being met with low productivity levels.
  3. Sales people who constantly drain their company of time, money and energy.
  4. Sales people who spend more time making friends than money.
  5. The investment of time, energy and capital to get sales people in front of decision-makers only for inadequate results in return.

Spending the majority of their time, energy and money (turnover) on the weakest sales people—those who consistently fail to confront objections, side with the prospect’s reasons for deferring the sale, and who build a particularly bloated pipeline.

Common Flaws in the Hiring Process

During the hiring process, many business owners and sales managers unknowingly seek the sales person who “fits in”. But, fits in to what? Without behavioral matching, you run the risk of hiring someone who may have succeeded, but not through use of the same behavior required to succeed in your position. Without analyzing the position and applying certain criteria (behavioral standards) necessary for success, you increase your chances for low productivity and turnover. Behavioral Positioning:

The major differentiating factor between Peak Performance Sales Recruiting and traditional sales recruiting firms is our clear understanding as to why hiring sales people is unlike hiring any other person within your company. The majority of sales organizations and sales recruiting companies believe that sales people are sales people. If you look at the game of baseball all of the players understand the game however they all play specific positions. In other words, if you are looking for a pitcher and inadvertently hire a catcher inevitably you are going to run into major problems. The day to day behavior (what a pitcher does each day to train and condition themselves to succeed) is completely different when compared with a catcher.