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Dealing with Difficult Sales People | Part 1

Difficult Sales People

Dealing with Difficult Sales People |  Part 1 

The economy is changing, buyers are skeptical and you are working harder and longer for less revenue. You have concluded the necessity for or have been asked to lead a change initiative. The problem identified is that what you or your organization have been relying business development specific simply is not working to the point where you can gain the traction necessary to get to the next level. The time, energy, effort and desire are present, however real change and the results are not.

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Change triggers fear reactions and these reactions can lead to resistance. Understanding the fears the cause resistance to change will help you to find communication strategies to reduce the amount of resistance that can impede you from achieving the results you desire. So, you are going over the same thing with the same sales people each Monday morning, right. They nod, smile and acknowledge your advice however by Tuesday you find them exhibiting the same counterproductive behavior we were discussing the day before! First let’s understand the cause. Sales people resist change because of a variety of reasons. Keep in mind that people do not set out to self sabotage. We all do what we do because we believe it is the right thing to do! The problem is that it is not always the most effective or productive thing to do. 

As human beings we are habitual, meaning that we have certain beliefs that tell us what to do, and what not to do. These belief convert into habits, and habit slowly form your routine. The problem with a routine is that parts of your routine are productive and others are not. This is the problem as the components of any sales persons routine that are un-productive or counter productive are the parts that have Business Owners and Sales Managers going over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, routine or result! Some sales people behaviorally are simply routine-oriented, and unless they uncover the areas within their own routine that work against them they have no reason to change. This usually is the type of sales person who methodically shows up for work each day at the same time, confuses activity with productivity, is non confrontational and leaves each day at 5 on the button.

Extreme Conditions create Extreme Behavior! This refers to when economic conditions go bad or sales are flat. This causes sales people and managers for that matter to do more of what is not working for less, opposed to implementing change.