Complimentary Sales Obstacle Diagnostic

Business Owners Identify the Root Cause of Poor Revenue Production

Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s and Sales Directors: To put your company on a productive and corrective sales course of action, please complete the form below. The difference between where you are, and where you want to be, is in Identifying and Closing the Gaps in Sales Deficiencies.

Check off the Specific Issues that apply to your selling situation. By completing this form, you will take one step closer towards identifying the real root cause of the sales symptoms that negatively impact sales productivity.Please Check Applicable Boxes *Lacks real Impact– Fails to Influence the buyerComplacency and anemic behavior has taken hold resulting in lost revenue.Constant Excuses…weak economy, bad territory, bad leads, etc. causing their poor performance.Your sales people accept “Think it Overs”…as future business resulting in “The Chase”.Ready, willing and unfortunately able to reduce price opposed to selling on value impacting margins.Lack of Commitment… won’t accept responsibility for failure to meet goals and quotas.Can’t get to the actual Decision-Maker…more comfortable dealing with information gatherers.Will not diplomatically challenge clients’ excuses, or objection resulting in pipeline bloat.Poor Closing Skills…hesitant to close the deal-resulting in business lost to competitors.Ineffective Cold Calls…will not make them or get unacceptable results-resulting in Sales PlateauAccepts Prospects Lying…accepts everything the prospect says without question – Customer Empathy!Has difficulty taking control, refuses to establish Professional Equality – Lacking Assertiveness!Difficulty obtaining qualified appointments, resulting in wasted time babysitting existing customers.Fear of Rejection…takes rejection personally affecting future performance.No Tracking System…does not document behavior and activity – What you Expect – Inspect!Become subservient providing unnecessary time-consuming proposals…

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