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Hiring Sales People | Poor Hiring Decisions

Hiring Sales People

Hiring Sales People | Poor Hiring Decisions

So, you want to break the self-destructive cycle of poor hiring decisions that have cost you so much money in the past and may continue to cost you money going forward if left unchecked? After all, the majority of your time is dedicated to hiring sales people that don't work out, not into hiring top sales producers. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Why is it when we initially hire a new sales person, we have such high hopes for their ability and future production levels only to be disappointed down the road? Your gut feeling was that this was the one. However this was merely another one who cost you time, energy and money.

How much has it cost you? How much will it cost you going forward?

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Frustrations Associated with Hiring

In an economy infested with contracting capital budgets, cynical decision-makers, and sales professionals with poor outlook and morale, selecting the right sales person is vital to your bottom line. Hiring practices today require a novel approach that cuts through all the time-consuming feel-good bonding and gets right to the root of who WILL sell, as opposed to those who have sold.

Most Business Owners are frustrated by:

  1. The high rate of sales staff turnover.
  2. Their high expectations being met with low productivity levels.
  3. Sales people who constantly drain their company of time, money and energy.
  4. Sales people who spend more time making friends than money.
  5. The investment of time, energy and capital to get sales people in front of decision-makers only for inadequate results in return.

Spending the majority of their time, energy and money (turnover) on the weakest sales people—those who consistently fail to confront objections, side with the prospect’s reasons for deferring the sale, and who build a particularly bloated pipeline.

For more on modifying sales routines, implementing sales criteria/process and attitudinal training Click Here to Call 866-816-0991. Hoping your team will change is not an option.

Common Flaws in the Hiring Process

During the hiring process, many business owners and sales managers unknowingly seek the sales person who “fits in”. But, fits in to what? Without behavioral matching, you run the risk of hiring someone who may have succeeded, but not through use of the same behavior required to succeed in your position. Without analyzing the position and applying certain criteria (behavioral standards) necessary for success, you increase your chances for low productivity and turnover. Behavioral Positioning:

The major differentiating factor between Peak Performance Sales Recruiting and traditional sales recruiting firms is our clear understanding as to why hiring sales people is unlike hiring any other person within your company. The majority of sales organizations and sales recruiting companies believe that sales people are sales people. If you look at the game of baseball all of the players understand the game however they all play specific positions. In other words, if you are looking for a pitcher and inadvertently hire a catcher inevitably you are going to run into major problems. The day to day behavior (what a pitcher does each day to train and condition themselves to succeed) is completely different when compared with a catcher.




Sales Quota From “Moving a Mountain” to “Hoping to Meet Quota”!

Sales Quota

Sales Quota

Going From “Moving a Mountain” to “Hoping to Meet Quota”!

The Most Harmful Negative Transition a Business Owner will face

The short answer is the Depletion in Self Esteem. Self Esteem is a Major Component of Attitude! Sales Professionals tell us at Peak Performance that they are rejection proof, or that rejection does not bother them. The fact of the matter is that we as human beings are not rejection proof at all. As a human being we are all Emotionally Responsive. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Negative Sales Stimuli and how Sales People React: Emotionally Responsive means that we respond emotionally, or react to stimuli, and in this case the sales stimulus are lies, obstacles, excuses and the many reasons for we hear for not buying that ultimately cause the feeling of rejection. Eventually this rejection begins to deplete their self esteem. This depletion in turn creates a downward spiral.

The Downward Spiral: The Financial Impact to the Business Owner. Once Self Esteem begins to deplete, an individual’s Level of Expectation begins to erode. For example, Sales people begin a new position with an attitude of “I’m going to move a mountain” followed by “I hope I can just meet quota”. When the level of expectation depletes inevitably this breaks down their level of performance. For example, they stop making calls, they stop challenging excuses, they stop getting as many appointments and they START.. to go to work for the buyer! This is evident when they begin selling you the excuses they bought from the buyer. “Boss, they have no time or they have no money!” This isn’t the problem. The problem is that you bought into their own Customer Empathy!.

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Once performance breaks down, productivity breaks down, and here you are, reading another tip from Peak Performance hoping that something will change. Nothing will change until and unless you change the playing field and the environment that you have either developed or have allowed to unfold. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options to get back on track. This ongoing drag and uncertainty in the economy has created an increase in the amount of personal rejection sales people experience. Many sales people today only expect to sell enough to keep their jobs. This reduced level of expectation decreases their level of performance which in part, causes the “Sales Plateau”.

Can attitudes change? Improve? Yes, however removing the mental obstacles and negative mindset that lead to this transition is essential. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 or Click Here to Request Specific Information today.

Initial rejection unless addressed can transition into a level of hopelessness and a viewpoint that everything will turn around if and when the economy improves. This viewpoint is what we call Externalization. Unfortunately, instead of implementing "change" to get a change in their bottom line, many sales people have decided to use this economy as their reason for poor production. To address this situation and implement real change Click Here to Call 866-816-0991




Why Sales Training Fails and your Options

training fails

Why Sales Training Fails and your Options

First and foremost we understand the reasons why training fails, and you should to!

Mistake # 1: Relying on Short term training (Boot camps)
Mistake # 2: Failing to properly evaluate your team identify strengths and weaknesses.
Mistake # 3: Use of “Blanket Training”
Mistake # 4: Relying on “Motivational Training”

Mistake # 1: Relying on Short term training (Boot camps). They result is at best, “knowing” more about a subject – yet they fail to allow participants to actually take “ownership” of the system and strategies! As human beings we are habitual, meaning that our mindsets or belief systems, in this case Sales, Sales Management or Sales Recruiting are developed over time. Regardless of how motivated you may be when leaving a short term boot camp, that short term new found knowledge will not override your routine that has been solidified over years. You may “know” more about a particular subject, however you have not internalized and taken ownership of the material or information. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Mistake # 2: Failing to Evaluate your team to identify individual/group strengths and weaknesses. Without uncovering individual and group sales weaknesses, training is at best, a trial and error approach. Consider for a moment a Doctor who enthusiastically tells you he/she is ready to operate on you. However, they have not even drawn blood, nonetheless taken you through procedures, tests and diagnostics in order to determine the most productive course of action. What would you think? Business Owners: Are you feeling the Impact of:Overall Poor Sales Performance Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Mistake # 3: Use of “Blanket Training” An analogy would be a Doctor walking into a room of 30 people who all don’t feel well. Opposed to diagnosing each person’s illness and prescribing a specific medical course of action, he or she writes them all the same prescription..in medicine, this is called malpractice!

Mistake # 4: Relying on “Motivation Training”. Business Owners spend much of their time trying to motivate their sales people into performing at higher levels. At best, they may receive a temporary lift in spirits and perhaps a short term increase in sales. This strategy fails to uncover the individuals’ real “incentive to change” nor does it focus on or change Attitude!  We do not believe in the short term boot-camps or motivational programs.

Although the material in many cases is in fact, good stuff – it is critical that you understand the difference between Information and Application. After all, what is the sense in “knowing” more about a particular subject, in particular when in the heat of the moment you know it will not be utilized! Changing Minds to Change Routines As human beings we are habitual, meaning that our mindsets or belief systems, in this case Sales, Sales Management or Sales Recruiting are developed over time  Regardless of how motivated you may be when leaving a short term boot camp or motivational program, that short term new found knowledge will not override your routine that has been solidified over years.

The Negative Impact of Boot Camps & Failure to “Take Ownership

1. Management finds themselves going over the same thing with the same people, without a change in mindset, habits, routine or result!

2. Inconsistency from one sales rep to another with respect to handling objections, pitching, presenting, qualifying and closing business

3. Poor performance, poor execution, poor sales results, turnover and duplication of  time, energy and capital investment!

If you are dealing with poor performance, inconsistency or turnover Click Here to Call 866-816-0991



Sales Efforts: Why CEO's Sales Strategies get Stuck in Neutral?

Sales Efforts

Sales Efforts: Why CEO's Sales Strategies get Stuck in Neutral?

By Peak Performance Training and DevelopmentProviding CEO's and Business Owners with Executable Strategies that Target the Problems Inherent in Sales, Sales Management and Sales Recruiting. Visit us here or Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Presidents, Business Owners and CEO’s all have good intent—In fact we all do what we do because we believe that it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately the choices we make are not always the most effective courses of action. Sales ineffectiveness and pipeline bottlenecks ultimately create a situation where you work harder and longer yet your company fails to gain real traction. This in turn results with the organization being stuck on a sales plateau.

Presidents and Business Owners Click Here to take our Complimentary CEO Growth Barrier Diagnostic  

Uncover the Gaps in Sales and Sales Management inefficiency that create anchors to your success and growth.

The Sales Plateau: CEOs and Business Owners also fall Victim to Common Management Traps Opposed to dealing with the real root cause of sales ineffectiveness—which leads to bloated pipelines and complacency in the sales team—Business Owners instead fall victim to a series of common mistakes. This does not occur because management intends to sabotage the company but because many at the top fall prey to several common issues. -Business Owners become conditioned to the excuses given by the sales team for deferring change. They become reserved to the fact that 50%, 60% or 70% efficiency is the best they can achieve. In other words the Business Owner accepts less than optimal effort, yet they are held accountable to 100% of the salaries, commissions, bonuses, benefits, advertising, marketing and other expenses necessary to maintain the sales team.

Business Owners fail to change their sales team’s minds about under-performance as such failing to change the routine of the sales team that has them operating at lower levels than they should be. Business Owners do not realize that in order to get someone to “think” differently, they first must get them to “feel” differently. Business Owners want and desire change, yet fail to uncover their sales team’s incentive to change.

For more on modifying sales routines, implementing sales criteria/process and attitudinal training contact us today Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Hoping your team will change is not an option. Click Here to Request your CEO Growth and Sales Barrier Kit 

When faced with Lack of Growth the CEO often resorts to the following Self-Destructive Strategies:

Mistake # 1 They impact their margins by adding to their sales team opposed to solidifying their existing team currently under-performing. To add to ineffectiveness, they rely on past lackluster hiring criteria in order to increase the number of feet on the street.

Mistake # 2 They again negatively impact their margins by investing into more advertising and marketing campaigns instead of dealing with the problem of poor qualifying, poor closing skills, and poor follow up on leads previously developed. In effect they spend more to get more leads to have more opportunities to close less business! Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Mistake # 3 They rely on the optimism inherent in most sales people or on their gut feel regarding a sales candidate opposed to an objectively created system and structure. The goal is not to rely on hope that new rainmakers will simply appear, again at a significant cost to the company, but to close the gap of inefficiency found in the under-productive sales team. Opposed to implementing their financial future into a proven system, they put their financial futures into the hands of sales people who have consistently proven that their own personal routine is flawed.

For information on overcoming these and other sales obstacles Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 or Click here to Request Specific Information Online




Commodity Sales | Products Don’t Commoditize; Sales People DO!

Commodity Sales

Commodity Sales; Products Don’t Commoditize

... Sales People DO! 

Why do so many sales people jump through hoops to get the prospect’s attention then deliver a stellar presentation, only to have the prospect go with a competitor who comes in at a lower price?

To learn more Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Are your products/services overpriced? Are your competition’s offerings under priced? Why does the prospect perceive your product as a mere commodity—easily replaceable by any number of competitive products? Has the prospect become a smarter and better negotiator, or do they simply hear the same needs-focused pitch from you and everyone else, that ultimately demotes your superior solution to commodity status?

Why You? This is the question most prospects ask themselves when dealing with a sales person for the first time. Why should I buy from you?

Most sales people respond with the obvious and expected answers:

1. We have the best product

2. We have the best services

3. We have the best price (having the best price and the best product is often a contradiction in terms)

4. We have been in business for years

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So how come you were not selected? Because your competition is probably giving the same canned responses! Therefore these responses actually commoditize you instead of clearly differentiating you from the pack. How you respond in any selling situation will either clearly differentiate your product or service in the mind of the prospect or clearly commoditize your product or service causing severe consequences. How much business you lose or how your bottom line is impacted based on price reductions is up to you.

Take action today and ask for your no obligation consultation. For more on overcoming the pricing pressures Click Here to Call 866-816-0991



Growth Obstacles | Top Five Business Owners Face Each Day

Growth Obstacles

Growth Obstacles | Top Five Business Owners Face Each Day

Every year Organizations spend millions into new ways to grow sales. Business Owners know that sales are the life blood of the company, or do they? If you can't produce new business, there is no company, or at least no future for that company!

A past study of 2,663 sales organizations by Think Training, Nightingale Conant, and Trainique uncovered five areas that differentiate successful sales organizations from the rest.

Obstacle One – A Wing-It mentality towards selling. 82% of all Business Owners said their company had a sales process that wasn't defined, wasn't being followed or no sales process at all. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options. 

Obstacle Two – Lack of sales knowledge and lack of application. 42% of Business Owners and CEO's stated their sales people lacked the essential basic skills needed to produce at a rate consistent with real growth. Regardless of sales experience remember the following. You cannot put a man in a cave, leave him there for twenty years and have him walk out with a geology degree! 

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Identify and Remove the Top Sales Obstacles that Impact Growth with CEO Sales Tools
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Obstacle Three – Failing to adhere to a consistent sales routine. Sales teams today lack performance standards that are conducive with growth. 90% of CEO's said their salespeople focused on low payoff activities, called on the wrong people or consistently called on the same low revenue customers. In other words, sales people confuse Activity with Productivity.

Obstacle Four – Allowing "Self Limiting Beliefs" to sabotage your efforts. 86% of Business Owners and CEO's said their salespeople had bad attitudes rooted in negative thinking or self limiting beliefs that seriously impede their sales efforts.

Obstacle Five – Ownership does not develop their people-Training, Un-Training and Targeted Coaching to remove sales obstacles and, self limiting beliefs are virtually non-existent. Business Owners said their Sales Managers were not spending enough time coaching their salespeople. 

Business Owners spend much of their time second guessing what they could have done. For example, sales people you hire, yet do not produce, positive attitudes that convert into excuses surface, followed by an environment of complacency that creates turnover. Sales people sit back after all of the hours of pitching, presenting and chasing and go over in their minds why the prospect, who seemed interested did not buy. The reasons that come to the surface are at the very least, predictable.

  • Your price is too high!
  • We need to “Think about it”!
  • We have decided to back burner this project for now!
  • We have decided to stay with our current vendor! 

The question is, why are these reasons consistent, and why is it that we consistently determine these reasons only after it is too late? Time spent reading emails, responding to voice mails, writing proposals with little or no real criteria, pitching to non-decision makers and not holding prospects accountable is not time spent selling, it is time spent chasing! What percentage of the overall time on the job is spent eye to eye, belly to belly, qualified selling with new prospects? How much time conversely is spent chasing existing customers who translate into little more than a trickle of residual income? Why does this dilemma plague sales organizations? Understand that it is you, management, that develops the environment, or allows it to take place.

Your lowest level of acceptance for poor performance is the highest level of performance you can expect. A better question is what is this costing you? For example, if you reduced by half the amount of time your sales people spend chasing procrastinators and doubled your actual time spent selling what would this translate into with regards to gross sales? Click Here for our Sales Obstacle Diagnostic

If you look at the time spent prospecting, presenting, writing proposals followed by chasing the prospect only to find you were on a fishing expedition, and compare that with your real ROI, you will realize the importance addressing this matter sooner rather than later. If your stock portfolio was only performing at 50% of its potential would you keep dumping money into these under performing stocks? No! 

In order to step outside of the box, access what you have and to determine how much room for improvement or untapped potential you may have in your existing sales people Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 Hoping your team will change is not an option. Click Here to Request Information Online





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