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Sales Consulting VS Unpaid Consulting | The Impact to Your Bottom Line

Sales Consulting


Sales Consulting VS Unpaid Consulting | The Impact to Your Bottom Line

Sales Consulting VS Unpaid Consulting: Unpaid Consulting starts when sales people cross the line between diagnosing the problem and detailing the solution. In other words they provide a solution without first uncovering the negative effects the prospect suffered in the past, and future negative effects the prospect will incur if the problem isn't fixed. This eagerness to provide solutions can be attributed to the traditional sales training provided by most companies to new sales recruits:

Feature-Benefit based training. Therefore, companies put their sales people in a position where they automatically try to fix a problem the prospect has not yet concluded requires a fee based solution.

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When sales people begin to present detailed solutions without first allowing the prospect to acknowledge a problem exists, and that this problem merits a solution they immediately begin acting as unpaid consultants rather than real Sales Consultants. It is this common sales method that wastes your company’s time and money and reduces your opportunity for growth. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options!

The Trusted AdvisorThe most successful salespeople are not salespeople at all. In fact they are seen as trusted advisors or sales consultants.

Are your sales people seen by your prospects as trusted advisors or as an interruption to their busy day? And if so what is the cost to your company?

For example, when you visit a physician after you conclude that you have an illness or have experienced pain, would you want to think about implementing their prescribed course of action? Would you refuse their calls? In the physician hypothetical, the patient makes a decision because he has come to the conclusion that the illness, and associated pain or discomfort may continue, and potentially get worse in the absence of action. The technique inadvertently used by the physician to solicit action is priceless in the sales arena. It is of particular value to any business that is considered a commodity by its customer base; where it is essential that sales people do not prematurely present or demonstrate solutions as it inevitably leads to objections and longer selling cycles.

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Trusted Advisors spend the majority of their time focusing on why the prospect has taken time to meet with them. The problems, fears, pains or simply the level of dissatisfaction a prospect may be experiencing are only the tip of the iceberg. These are simply the reasons why the prospect has decided to meet with you; however they do not always translate into why they will buy from you.

The Physician!: Remember in the previous example how you met with the physician because of the surface discomfort, concerns and pain. However the decision to move forward with the treatment or in some cases the operation only comes after a detailed discussion regarding the problem, its symptoms and potential for progression and the associated negative effects. You usually don't price shop the physician although there are a multitude of physicians willing and able to provide the same solution. In fact, because of the standardized practice of medicine, physicians are one of the biggest commodities in the marketplace, yet they don't suffer from the price shopping and objections that the corporate world suffers from. Could this be because the physician never received feature-benefit training and therefore focuses on the pain, symptoms and adverse impact not implementing a solution would entail?

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Sales Recruiting Why you can't find the Sales Superstar

Sales Recruiting


Sales Recruiting Why you can't find the Sales Superstar

Business Owners, Presidents and Sales Managers often dramatically reduce their margins by making a major and common mistake—more Recruiting!...often their biggest anchor to gaining the traction necessary to get to the next level. Opposed to solidifying their core sales team by training them, changing them and providing them with the necessary tools to become more effective, they decide to compound the problem by hiring more superstars. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Often when speaking with Presidents, Business Owners and Sales Directors we hear a common theme. When asked about the overall effectiveness of their sales team with regard to new business development they typically respond with. “Well, I guess if I were to rate my team for developing new business, I would say they are not bad, they are about a 6 out of 10.” Let’s look at this situation for a moment. Sixty percent effective! Are you paying out 60% of their salary, 60% of the auto expense, 60% of the advertising and marketing dollars, and 60% of their benefits?

You are investing 100% of your time, energy and capital into an employee who is only delivering a 60% return on investment!

Opposed to implementing a solid sales structure to maximize performance for this stellar group of 60 per-centers management decides to deteriorate their margins further by compounding the problem with additional sales recruiting—that they rely on the same hiring criteria used to hire there current group of 60 per-centers, in order to locate their next sales superstar! Their rationale is that if they locate a real star, then this person is going to stiffen the spine of the existing team and get their attention. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Remember; you thought the current group of 60 per-centers were superstars when you hired them, right? What happened to them? What went wrong?

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The Most Costly Sales Objection Impacting your Business

Sales Objection

The Most Costly Sales Objection Impacting your Bottom Line
Problem: You prospect is ‘Happy” with their current service provider.
Bigger problem: Sales people hit a wall because they do not know how to deal with this sales objection without badmouthing or their body language conveys a negative message as rejection shows through (body language is 55% of communication).
Your Bottom Line Problem: Sales people fail to uncover what prospects are really saying; is it a real sales objection?. What often occurs is that prospects who may have some level of dissatisfaction, simply say they are happy. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991
Why? Many reasons! First and foremost decision makers/buyers all have a characteristic in common.They have the innate desire to be in, or at least to be seen as being in control. They do not want to convey their dissatisfaction because it may convey they have made a mistake in hiring their current service provider. Second what the prospect is really saying is that their current provider is their best option, only because they may not be aware of what options may be available that could actually increase effectiveness. 
There can be other reasons. The prospect may actually be happy, and believe that there is no room for improvement, however you will not really know this unless you press this matter to determine is the second reason shown above is the case. They may be content with their current service provider and change is more painful than the small bumps in the road that they obviously have lived through. This may be the case with Financial Advisors, Banks or other relationships that will require a lot of paperwork to properly make the switch.
Negative Ramifications to the Sales Person/Sales Organization How many potential sales have you walked away from, simply because the prospect has told you he or she was happy with their current supplier?
Aptitude VS Actual Application Is your competitor the best option? This is the question.
The best sales training, sales tips, books or sales seminars may help sales people with their overall sales aptitude: what they know and how they should handle this common sales obstacle. However, what they actually do in the heat of the moment is all that matters. The answer to the question of whether your competition is the best option is obviously no. How you convey this will determine your real outcome. Sales people can lack conviction in one or more areas. Most importantly. they may lack conviction in themselves, or their product or service, or their company, or they may lack conviction in their industry as a whole.
When challenged with having to convey value that far exceeds that of your competition, the sales person who lacks conviction will fail, regardless of what they know. The only thing that really matters is the answer your prospect gives for the question, “Is your competitor the best option”. This is not done through through badmouthing the competition. It is done through conclusion based selling. Through a series a questions you can allow your prospect to conclude that their other options, the competition failed to uncover or discover certain issues that you did, or they failed to identify certain post implementation problems that can result in back end expenses in the form of additional time, man hours, capital or even worse, client decay. can provide a solution to your prospects needs, as can your competition. However top producers have two things others in sales people do not have. Foresight, a component of ‘effective management” and compassion.
A sales person must have the foresight to identify post implementation problems. When you think about it, isn’t it just these post implementation problems that have you there to begin with? In other words what did the incumbent fail to prevent! You must show compassion by asking the prospect, “Mr/Ms. Prospect, post implementation what are the three biggest concerns you have that you would absolutely need a level of certainty on? Regardless of how they answer you your response should be, “Well, is that the way you answered that same question when the others (competition) you are looking at asked? Chances are they never did ask! Therefore, inevitably when these back end concerns do come to the surface, who pays for that. That’s right, the prospect? Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options

Business Obstacles: Why CEO’s Resort to Self-Destructive Strategies

Business Obstacles

Business ObstaclesWhy CEO’s Resort to Self-Destructive Strategies

Mistake # 1 They impact their margins by adding to their sales team opposed to solidifying their existing team who are under-performing.To add to ineffectiveness, they rely on past hiring criteria in order to increase the number of feet on the street. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Mistake # 2 They again negatively impact their margins by investing into more advertising and marketing campaigns instead of dealing with the problem of poor qualifying, poor closing skills, and poor follow up on leads previously developed. In effect they spend more to get more leads to have more opportunities to close less business!

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Mistake # 3 They rely on the optimism inherent in most sales people or on their gut feel regarding a sales candidate opposed to an objectively created system and structure. The goal is not to rely on hope that new rainmakers will simply appear, again at a significant cost to the company, but to close the gap of inefficiency found in the under-productive sales team. Opposed to implementing their financial future into a proven system, they put their financial futures into the hands of sales people who have consistently proven that their own personal routine is flawed. 

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Cold Calling: How Sales People Erect "The Wall" while Prospecting

Cold Calling

Cold Calling

How Sales People Erect "The Wall" while Prospecting

Prospecting must be first analyzed and then viewed through different lenses, in particular from the viewpoint of the buyer. In order to change your results you first must be willing to change your own viewpoint and or opinion of this process.

Typically sales people make the mistake of opening when prospecting with a closed ended question such as "We are calling to determine if you have a need for..." This approach typically results in a closed ended answer: No!

Or the sales person says "I would like to know if you have a minute to discuss..." This is another closed-ended question that again results in a closed ended answer: No!

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Some Basic Problems Associated with Traditional Cold Calling:

1. You don't know, understand or have a successful methodology of how to use the telephone to uncover problems the prospect is not aware of, to get appointments, or to close sales.

2. You don't know how to prevent the prospect's wall or what to say to a person when you get them on the phone.

3. You create your own walls by asking closed-ended questions when starting the telephone communication.

4. You don't know how to keep the conversation going by focusing on what is important to the listener (prospect).

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Examples of Closed Ended Questions: Do you have a minute?.....Could you tell me who handles...? Would you be interested in...? The prospect's sales resistance is typically aroused as soon as they hear your excitement, warm and enthusiastic greeting, followed by a canned but professional pitch.

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The Pattern-Interrupt: We believe that prospects have a normal pattern they follow, either consciously or subconsciously where they erect a wall when faced with the dreaded sales person. Peak Performance works with sales management and sales professionals to implement what we refer to as the pattern interrupt, which dramatically reduces this wall, as does asking open ended questions which open discussions. Failure to use the pattern-interrupt and open ended questioning often results in many prospects becoming non-communicative, or too busy to talk, abrupt, sarcastic, or otherwise negative. All of these reactions cause most salespeople to feel rejected, and rejection creates future hesitation resulting in a failure to maintain cold calling consistency.

Almost all sales managers and trainers tell you that if you're not being rejected, then the prospects are merely declining the offer of your products or services. But who do you trust, your gut instinct or the trainer?

Why then do almost all salespeople feel rejected? Because they are so focused on themselves (me, myself and I), their companies, their features and their benefits. Sales people build themselves up so much when the prospect decides against buying the fall hurts so much more. Rejection-proof sales people do not focus on me, myself and I. They focus on the prospect, and their reasons for investing time with a sales person. They go deeper than merely assessing needs. They get to the root of why they will buy. And that is NOT your features and benefits! For specific information on how to overcome these and other sales obstacles please Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 or Click Here for Free Information




Price Objection | Why is it always a Sales Obstacle

price objection

Price Objection | Why is it always a Sales Obstacle

In the world of traditional selling the fee always seems to be too high. Even if your service or product is superior, prospects still commoditize it in order to make it an issue. Why is the price objection such a common occurrence? Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Reasons for Price Objections  Day one on the job ! What type of training do new sales people receive? Product knowledge training! We create experts out of them. However, they are experts at who you are, what you do, and what you have done for others. Or, are they experts at knowing why the prospect is going to buy and why they are going to buy from you? In the end which really matters most?

Typically sales people barrage the prospect with who they are, what they do and how much better they are. In other words it is strictly “I” Centric.

Answer the following question—what is the reason you buy something? You buy for YOUR reasons, not the sales person’s reasons! 

How the Needs Analysis Backfires Many of you have either experienced, or at least know of sales processes out in the market place. Without naming sales training systems by name, let’s say that many have the same thing in common. They all teach you to do a Needs Analysis, followed by spinning solutions to better fit the identified needs. But what does your solution consists of—features and benefits! When you go in to identify your prospect’s needs, so does your competition! Then you begin to spin your solution. Subsequently, your splendid delivery of intellect results in your prospect wanting to think about it.

We then do something unique; we double up on intellect. That’s right, we march back to the office and write a long, boring proposal. Let’s give the prospect something to really think about! We are not implying that proposals shouldn’t be written. However criteria must be in place before you you write the proposal.

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Case Study: Recently we were brought into a well established engineering company because the Business Owner claimed that his managers were writing too many proposals—ten new proposals per month.

We asked “what’s the problem”? He told us that these proposals were technical and take two weeks to complete, resulting in a price of $10,000 per proposal! The worst part was that the company only had a 10% closing ration. Therefore each account cost $100,000. When asked what criteria existed that merited the proposal—what information beyond needs was obtained that allowed them to target the prospects desires—he had no idea. Generally, engineers are analytical and as such comfortable writing proposals. When we met the engineers we posed the same question. Their response was “they ask for it” . We worked further with this organization however one component of what was implemented made a major difference. We implemented the “Six Rules of Writing a Proposal”. These engineers were no longer writing ten new proposals per month, they are writing six, freeing up time to develop new business. They are no longer closing ten percent; they now close two out of six: 33%. They more than tripled their closing ratio and became 40% more effective with their time. This one component was a key factor in increasing sales productivity.

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Your prospect tells you that they “Want to think about it”, when in fact what they are really saying is that they want time to compare!  Hence, what becomes the differentiating factor in the eyes of the prospect? The Fee!

Now here comes the second wave, if the first is not bad enough. Your prospect now begins to ask questions. How are you going to handle problem x, y or z. Tell me how you intend to deal with…..? You know, I think I am going to have to check you out! In fact, I think I am going to need some references! Now the burden has shifted to you. Where is the focus, on their problems, or on you, your features and benefits and how you would handle their hypothetical problems? These questions are not bad questions. You see, if you are not hearing these questions chances are you are not even in the game. These questions are actually being asked by the prospect to de-commoditize you—a condition you never should have caused! Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss options





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