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Sales System: How a Sales Process Positively Impacts your Bottom line!

Sales System

Sales System: How a Sales Process Positively Impacts your Bottom line!

In a recent study 82% of all Business Owners said their company had a sales system that was poorly defined, wasn't being followed or they had no sales process at all. A Sales System is analogous to a professional basketball team playbook. Without a consistent offense, a consistent defense and a consistent agreed to set of plays, what you have are players who can't put the ball in the hole because they just don't know what their next move is. They become purely reactive to the opposing team, in this case the prospect!
Without a consistent and systematic approach towards sales you have lost all control over performance and productivity. Is your sales team proactive and offensive in their business development approach, or have them become reactive and purely defensive in their approach? If so Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 to discuss how a system can dramatically increase sales performance.


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In business each and every aspect is process oriented. From shipping and receiving to quality control. However in the most important aspect of your business; SALES, this is dealt with often by sending out a bunch of product knowledge experts who do nothing more than feed prospects information they ultimately end up wanting to “Think About”. This is followed by drafting time consuming proposals followed by “The Chase”!

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Sales Stagnation: The Impact of Failing to Act on Uncertainty

Sales Stagnation

Sales Stagnation: The Impact of Failing to Act on Uncertainty

Business Owners: Running a Sales Organization includes taking on risks on a day to day basis. Challenging sales people, holding them accountable to day to day productive sales behavior and even terminating those who do not perform, well, that IS your job. However fear of change and more importantly concerns over how sales people may accept these changes negatively impacts business like no other obstacle,causing sales stagnation. Once you have drawn the conclusion that change is in order you must first understand the mental barriers that arise that sabotage your ability to carry out the changes needed to get into gear. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

1) Relying on Hope: Many Business Owners imagine or hope for a return to a proactive sales environment that will relieve them of doing what they know must be done! If you know it must be done stop waiting and take action.

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2) Fear Driven Response: Some business owners feel the need to protect others against risks … known and unknown. They fail to address or hold sales people accountable to productive day to day sales behavior necessary to yield results. This is analogous to an NFL Coach who fails to enforce practice routines yet wonders why they cannot win on the field! This fear-driven response to the problem narrows their options, and in many cases creates an organization-wide paralysis that nearly certainly leads to the sales plateau, sales decay or ultimately insolvency. If you’re not acting to implement change then you are simply allowing your company to remain in a state of growth paralysis.

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3) Over Reaction: Some Business Owners, often those who fall victim to barriers one and two listed above, now move into a mental growth barrier known as over reaction. Having sat back for months relying on Hope to change their day, or for those who fall victim to fear what happens is they simply become a spectator within their own firm. They sit back and watch as sales people simply go through the motions without developing any viable results to show for it. Business Owners who fall victim to Over Reaction often attempt to manage their own emotions over time without implementing necessary and productive change. Eventually the pressure builds and the result is a pendulum that swings back with such mighty force that in the least the result is a group of de-motivated sales people, or at worst they now must begin the interviewing process to replace who was terminated or those who left.

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Sales Behavior: Have Sales Activities Dropped to Anemic Levels?

Sales Behavior

Sales Behavior: Have Sales Activities Dropped to Anemic Levels? 

Sales Activities: Performance Standards combined with a New Sales Course of Action Drives Sales Production. Without performance standards your organization is at the mercy of a “Wing-It” approach and negative attitudes that come with the economic conditions we currently face. Sales people all do what they do with good intent and because they believe… it is the right thing to do! However is it the most productive thing to do? We as human beings are habitual. And habits form routines. As sales people we all form a subconscious sales approach, exhibiting sales behavior or a sales routine. Parts of this sales behavior are naturally effective and parts are not. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

The problem here looks obvious, however there is more to consider. In extreme conditions (some may say we are currently in extreme economic conditions) we as human beings do not change. Instead we become extreme in our behavior. Like a hamster we jump on the treadmill and run faster, yet we remain fat and never seem to get out of the cage!

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One major factor to consider is that sales people for example, who focus and rely on networking, become extreme in their mindset and behavior when conditions become extreme. They simply do more networking opposed to taking a multi-faceted approach which may include prospecting within their existing core client base or cold calling to open new opportunities.This in turn has management going over the same thing with the same sales people without a change in mindset, habit, routine or result! CEO’s

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The answer is NOT to continue to do more of what doesn’t work. The solution is change. Business Owners must realize that as human beings we also resort to extreme behavior when we are subjected to extreme conditions (lagging sales in a negative economy). Our natural reaction to anemic behavior and lagging sales is to DO MORE, rather do different. Your sales people have either reduced their day to day activities, in particular in this negative economy. In some cases behavior has been reduced to anemic levels or none at all.

The Solution : The answer is to first determine the root cause of the behavioral breakdown. As human beings, when continuously subjected to negativity, lies and excuses inevitably the first thing to go is our self-esteem. The emotions that surface when we face pain, fear or rejection signal the human being to go away, or move away which is why sales people eventually begin to do less and less of the things that will eventually develop business; diplomatically challenge objections, challenges viewpoints and mindsets of the prospects, cold calls etc. It isn’t the cold calling, or diplomatically challenging objections that is the problem. It is HOW they are cold calling and dealing with objections that creates such negative reactions from the prospect.

To break the cycle of counter productive mindsets and habits Click Here to Call 866-816-0991. Unfortunately CEO’S, Presidents, Business Owners and managers, human beings as well, resort to extreme behavior when conditions become extreme. Rather than implementing change, they tell their sales people to put in more effort, more time, more cold calls, more meetings, more proposals and bring in more business! In essence what you are doing is asking you people to do more of what doesn’t work accelerating the downward spiral.

This ineffective approach often results in the following:

• Sales people are terminated because the begin begin with a mindset of “I’m going to move a mountain!” following by “I just hope to meet quota!
• Sales people quit and leave!
• Sales people quit and stay!

Performance Standards and Metrics once implemented and adhered to can incrementally pull your sales people out of their current mindset and lackluster performance and production levels. However simply implementing performance standards without changing the sales approach again has us doing more of what doesn’t work. Most sales organizations suffer from a lack of metrics, performance standards and real accountability. As a result, management's visibility is greatly diminished, along with its ability to make sound decisions and provide leadership. Real leadership that is effective begins with change.

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Sales Growth: Do You Manage Sales Through Hindsight, or Foresight?

Sales Growth: Do You Manage Sales Through Hindsight, or Foresight?

Sales Growth: Do You Manage Sales Through Hindsight, or Foresight?

Sales Growth: One major difference between successful Business Owners, Presidents or CEO’s, and those who find themselves stuck on a sales plateau, can be answered through the following question: Do You Manage Sales Growth Through Hindsight….or Through Foresight?
How often have you looked at your sales team, or more importantly “looked back” at the sales or sales management obstacles that seem so common, constant, inevitable and expected?
How often do you go over the same thing with the same sales people, only to find out later that you did not changed their mind, habits, routine and most importantly their results? How many times did you end up disappointed with the sales candidate that looked so good on paper, and interviewed so well, yet looking back failed to produce? Ask yourself, are these problems occurring based on what you did upfront, or failed to recognize and act on at the time you first realized it?
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Hindsight vs Foresight
Hindsight: Understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed! Ask yourself, what sales specific is now inevitable or now expected that will have a negative impact on your bottom line? What is not in place based on failure to act on it? Is your recent hire on the path to failure based on having not implemented real performance standards that are discussed upfront, tracked and inspected and in order to ensure success?
Are your sales people purely Re-Active, complacent or fail to prospect consistently to identify and close new business opportunities? Did this complacent environment just occur, or have you allowed this environment to take hold, resulting in it gradually getting worse? Hindsight managers really don’t manage at all! They simply deal with the ramification of what they failed to act on. How much time and money has failure to act cost you?

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Foresight: The ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future Foresight: Providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future Remember the 3 “A’s”… Assume, and then Act Accordingly! Click Here to Call 866-816-0991




Top Sales Performers The Difference Between Top Sales Reps & the Rest

Top Sales Performers

Top Sales Performers The Difference Between Top Sales Reps & the Rest
They View Obstacles as Opportunity
Business Owners, CEO's and Presidents: Do your sales people have more excuses and reasons for failing to meet quotas? Or do they develop, implement and stick with a different and more productive course of action? Click Here to Call 866-816-0991
In these difficult economic times sales people become quite black and white. In other words the difference between top performers and rest becomes quite clear. For those of you who find it difficult to differentiate between the two, let’s look at a few differentiating factors.
1) Externalization: The average sales person often fails to look within. They fail to look in the mirror to determine where they went wrong and what change must be made. Instead they externalize their problems. Externalization comes in various forms.
• My manager is terrible
• The economy is impossible
• Our pricing is just too high
• My clients have no money
• Our leads don’t convert
If you find yourself, or your sales people externalizing, rather than internalizing, identifying and acknowledging areas in need of improvement, Click Here to Call 866-816-0991 Until and unless these common sales constraints are identified, management will continue to go over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, routine or result.
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2) Failure to Adapt to the Environment As human beings we are habitual. Meaning that our mindset (what is right, what is wrong, what we can or cannot do) quickly converts into habits. Habits then form our sales routine, or day to day approach towards selling. Please keep in mind that sales people do not set out to self sabotage.
We DO WHAT WE DO because we believe it is the right thing to do! The question is, is it the most productive thing to do?  The sales environment today has changed dramatically. The economy has changed, budgets have shrunk, the marketplace has changed, and buyers are buying in a completely different way. The question here is, have you? Top performers adapt and change their approach based on changes happening all around us.
Business Owners: In order to Identify Non Productive Habits your sales team relies on, first identify the common problems they face. Click Here for our CEO Sales Barrier Diagnostic | Uncover the Real Sales Gaps causing Sales Ineffectiveness.
3) Extreme Conditions Create Extreme Behavior As human beings, when conditions become extreme (economic conditions are bar or sales are down) we do not change. Instead we resort to extreme behavioral.
In other words we do more of what DOESN’T WORK! Top performing sales reps self assess and adjust. The rest continue to rely on a non productive routine. Top performing managers assess the routines of their sales people and in a productive way incrementally adjust those routines. The rest simply drive their sales people to do more, of what doesn’t work.
Business Owners and Presidents:
• Are you working harder and longer for less?
• Are you going over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, routine or result?
• Are you stuck on a sales plateau?
• Has sales complacency set in?
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Sales Development: CEO's playing a Role in Sales

Insight for the CEO


Sales Development Insight | CEO's playing a Role in Sales

This CEO Tip provides insight on why Business Owners often fail to implement the change necessary to drive their companies forward. The most obvious error that CEO's make is that they fail to recognize when to change. In other words they fail to acknowledge change needed for sales development. However it is usually not this error that holds companies back, but the second error: Upon recognizing the need to change, they fail to take action and commit to staying the course, as such keeping their companies stuck on a plateau. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

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In the sales arena these mistakes usually manifest as follows: 

Mistake Number One: Management Complacency | Management does not establish a sense of urgency for Sales Development. 

Sales Decay, often is the result of several factors that occur over time. Unfortunately, many Business Owners don’t develop a sense of urgency until things have gotten out of hand. For example, when hiring, the employer has an optimistic outlook on the new hire’s performance that lingers for months. Often this outlook lingers in the face of diminished performance until the employee perceives his inadequate performance as being their expected level of production. While this transformation in expected performance is evolving in the new hire, the Business Owner is under the impression of expanding the sales team, when in fact both parties are compounding an existing problem:

Sales Team Complacency: Is the result of three key factors:

1. A Business Owner who runs operates through hope and optimism.

2. This type hires optimistic people with the attitude of "Wanting to move mountains" but who soon settle into an attitude of "Hoping to meet quota."

3. The Owner hopes change will take place, instead of implementing change—change in himself or herself, change in the system, or change in how they hold their team accountable. 

Mistake Number Two: Management Fails to Prioritize Sales as the Initiative

Although Business Owners desire to increase sales they fail to articulate this as a priority. Everything takes precedence over sales: marketing, product development, and so on. But what could be more important than removing the obstacles to success?

When speaking to Business Owners, we see a common denominator present: Because of their numerous responsibilities they tend to repeatedly perform comfortable activities. It is uncomfortable to change the routine of their sales team. Driving people out of a non-productive comfort zone is stressful. They too often become paralyzed with the downside and fail to do what is most important for sales! In other words they have begun the process of allowing their sales team to manage, management!

Mistake Number Three: Letting Past Success Block Future Performance

Another reason for sales team complacency is that management often accepts excuses from sales people who have been successful in the past. It is usually those previously successful sales people who are most resistant—despite the fact that their past success may have occurred some time ago, and had been the result of positive conditions, rather than stellar ability.

To make growth a primary initiative management must engage in a brutally frank discussion regarding disturbing facts such as.

- Shrinking margins, - Client decay, - Limited success with new accounts, - Poor lead conversion

When is a company’s sense of urgency high enough to change? Typically this occurs when the Business Owner is convinced that status quo is more dangerous than change itself. 

To discover how to drive your growth as a primary initiative within your company visit our CEO Sales and Growth Barrier Diagnostic Click Here

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, the subject of clarity, or clearly understood objectives were discussed. The article described how often Business Owners “own” information, yet fail to clearly communicate how to achieve the desired end result. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Case Study: FeDex® is known for “absolutely” having packages arrive overnight, without question! In New York a FedEx truck broke down and the replacement truck was running late. The driver initially resorted to running a few packages on foot. At the point of inevitable failure, this driver flagged down a competitor driving through the city and convinced the driver to take her to her last few stops. This story is a tangible demonstration of a company’s commitment to achieving goals and a complete understanding of the communication between management and the team responsible for carrying out the company’s objectives! The goal was not to drive a particular route each day. The goal was to ensure results.





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