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The Reasons Why Companies Fail to Sell

The Reasons Why Companies Fail to Sell

Why do Sales Organizations Fail to Consistently Sell or Create Sustainable Growth?

There are many reasons for failure however the barriers outlined below are the most common. While any one point listed below can lead to failure it is generally a combination which cause sales failure.

1. Over-Reliance on the Business Owner: In many Small Businesses, the Owner has a huge influence over day-to-day operations. They not only manage and control most of the company’s activities but they also use their past connections and efforts to generate most, if not all of the company’s new business opportunities. Call us direct at 866-816-0991.

In many cases, most of the Company’s core business and profits have been developed by the Business Owner. The Business Owner, in his attempts to get to the next level now hires sales people. After the interviewing and training phases are completed, these accounts are then handed down to these sales reps, who at best, manage the accounts opposed to growing the accounts.

The Business itself, is the Business Owners Business, and managers in many cases have very little decision making capacity. At Peak Performance Training and Development we have seen that often despite interest expressed by Sales Managers, the have very little decision-making capacity to make a final decision, or any decision at all for that matter with respect to implementing sales training.

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2. Over Reliance on a Few Clients: Failure to develop New Business: In order to reduce risk, in particular in a small sales organization, it is critical to understand the importance of understanding the difference between 100 clients generating $1000.00 each in profit, VS a few developing a total of $100,000 in profit. If your business is skewed towards the latter case you may want to immediately re-think your New Business Development plan.

Again, often the core business, developed by the Business Owner is handed off to new sales reps hired to grow the business. What often occurs, is that rather than creating an environment of real growth, where sales reps must “earn” established accounts through new business development efforts of their own, they are simply “given” existing accounts and do nothing more than manage these accounts resulting in no real growth. This results in the “Sales Plateau”.

Time, effort and capital is invested into hiring and developing a sales team that does nothing more than babysit existing companies developed by a few at the top. A culture of New Business Development is not established, sales turnover begins financially impacting your bottom line and a vicious cycle is now in place. Business Owners; Click here Take our CEO Diagnostic to Identify Real Gaps in Sales and Sales Management Efficiency.

3. Failure to Implement or Adopt a Future Growth Plan: In dealing with sales organizations on a day to day basis, we are continuously surprised by a total lack of Growth Vision. There is a complete failure to implement a MAP; a Measurable Assistance Plan; or Future Growth Plan.

Delegation is key in Business, and having confidence in your sales people is a critical component of success.  However, turning over your financial future to a group of sales people without a consistent and agreed to sales course of action, is an approach that typically leads to disaster.

Analogy: You are planning a trip from Boston for San Francisco. You obviously want to take the most effective route which avoid delays and other potential problems. You want to reach your destination within a desired time frame in mind.

Without a carefully developed MAP, the result are as follows:

• Finding unforeseen delays and roadwork
• Extra time and effort, resulting in additional fuel expenses
• Ultimately you find yourself constantly pulling over to ask for directions!

Does this look like your current sales approach? Call us today at 866-816-0991

By having a realistic and achievable growth strategy in place, sales people have a clear direction and you have in place a sales process that can be tracked in real time.




Top Sales Performers | Are the Highest Paid Occupation!

Top Producing Sales Performers

Learn why Top Producing Sales Performers are the highest paid of any occupation!

Higher than Doctors, Lawyers, Athletes, Entertainers, and in many cases, they earn more than the CEO!

The problem is that 95% of all sales producers earn less than $100,000 income per year!

So, what differentiates the top sales producers from the rest?

At Peak Performance Sales Training, we studied how the Top One Percent of Salespeople in 140 industries sold, VS the rest.

The Number One Differentiator

Nearly all sales people within the Top 1% utilized a consistent sales process when dealing with new and existing business.  An analogy would be to look at the game of chess. Chess Masters do not simply sit down and wing it. They begin the game with a process: a series of moves to set up their opponent. To win in the game of chess one must be very calculated in their approach.

When you examine the stereotypical sales person, they are the direct opposite. Their follow the leader, wing-it approach puts them immediately on the defensive, and the chase is on.

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Top performers utilize a series of questions designed to get directly at what will move the buyer. Like a heat seeking missile they strategically probe the prospect, like a lawyer in a deposition focused in on getting the information they need.

Most sales people do just the opposite. They enter the meeting and based on not having a course of action they find themselves in the witness chair being interrogated, followed by defending a position that rarely has a chance.

Does this sound familiar? How long can you afford to allow this to go on? Presidents and Business Owners: Remove the Major Sales Obstacles and Poor Sales Performance that negatively impact Growth. Get your Free CEO Tools here today to gain answers to the problems inherent in Hiring, Managing and Motivating Sales People.

Let’s first examine some of the most common mistakes that negatively impact your bottom line.

The Most Common Reason for Sales Failure

Most salespeople begin with a new prospect focused on attempting persuade and convince them to buy their products and services.  Attempting to persuade or convince a person to buy your rope, without first allowing them to see the hole they are in, the depth of the hole and the fact that the water is rising is perceived by the prospect manipulative persuasion tactics, which most prospects resent.  This creates an environment of sales resistance, resulting on longer sales cycles and results in low closing rates.

The Top 1% know that persuasion and convincing are obsolete sales tactics.  They utilize sales tactics that are compatible with the way the human mind works. For example, let’s look at what we refer to as an Emotional Visual Usage Scenario. It is used in virtually all Infomercials you see on television. A human being must first visualize a usage scenario, to “feel” the pain, discomfort or fear that will begin the process of moving them towards a solution.

Example # 1: Weight loss products. They don’t begin by presenting you with the skinny fit person. They first begin with the overweight unfit person speaking to you about their self- dissatisfaction and problems associated with being overweight. They want to create some level of pain association.

Example # 1: Car Wax. They don’t begin by showing you a beautiful gleaming red Corvette. They first begin by showing you and describing the negative effect that the sun, acid rain and other elements can have on the exterior of your vehicle. They help you to draw a conclusion which is the opposite of someone trying to convince them.

The Second Most Common Reason for Sales Failure

Most Salespeople fail to establish Professional Equality. A major contributing factor is their own perceived self-worth, or lack thereof. They simply don’t believe in themselves therefore why should anyone else!

Side Effect #1: Failure to immediately level the playing field. They fail to gain commitments from the beginning of the process and wonder why the prospect fails to commit to anything during the process. For example, return call commitments, follow up meeting commitments, additional Decision Maker commitments or providing necessary information commitments. At the end of the day, and at the end of the process (the prospects process) your sales people having given up time, expertise and self-esteem, which in many cases, is to the benefit of your competition!

Side Effect #2: Lack of respect. This type of sales person is simply not respected. This common issue, in and of itself, ends up putting you and your product or service immediately into commodity status. Pricing is cut simply to remain in the game and your margins take a hit. Again, how long can you continue to accept this lack of performance?

The Third Most Common Reason for Sales Failure

Most salespeople believe they know what it takes to build rapport. Yet they don’t know the real meaning of rapport. Rapport is a French derivative of reporter, or to bring back, report, or to give back.

Most prospects are far more concerned about whether they can trust and respect you.  Therefore, you must learn how to immediately understand your prospects buying style and adapt to your prospect, giving back to them what they are putting out, magnetically attracting them to you and your offering.

The traditional sales person knowingly, or unknowingly attempts to get the prospect to like them, which is an inherently manipulative process.  Sales people unknowingly and subconsciously sell to others, the way they would want to be sold. The problem here is that there are many different buying styles you will encounter, and unless you identify and adapt to your prospect, you have significantly reduced your chances of being a top performer. For example, the stereotypical, verbally expressive, back slapping sales person will immediately disconnect with the direct, get down to business prospect, who has no time to waste. That relationship is over before it begins.

Buyers generally do not buy from you because they like you; they buy from you because they “are like you”. Giving back, or “being like” your prospect creates a far more trusting relationship putting your prospect at ease, opposed to being on the offensive. Contact Peak Performance today at 866-816-0991 to discuss viable options




The Characteristics of Top Performing CEO’s

Top Performing CEO’s

        The Characteristics of Top Performing CEO’s        

The stereotypes, or at least what we have been taught in the past, are CEOs who are extroverted, self-promoting risk takers; right? 

Is this definition actually accurate? So, what are the top characteristics that differentiate CEOs from other executives? And more importantly, which attributes separate Top Performing CEOs from the Rest?

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There has been a great deal of discussion and debate about CEOs and the attributes that define their success. This article was designed to help you, the CEO, better understand which traits actually support high performance, and which don’t!
In today’s Global Competitive Environment and ever changing markets this question has never been more important. Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

Russell Reynolds Associates, one of the world’s leading executive search and leadership advisory firms, and Hogan Assessments, a global leader in personality assessment and leadership development announced a global partnership designed to increase the success rate of executive appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders

The Evaluation: In their evaluation, they chose an in-depth approach, developing detailed profiles of 200 CEOs. They used the results of three established psychometric instruments: one which provides an overall measure of adult personality, including interpersonal skills, emotional factors, resiliency, and communication style; another which measures management and leadership style, including how people influence others, their approach to innovative thinking, and self-motivation; and finally one which measures areas for development or potential negative factors in managers, including their decision-making style.

The results demonstrated that intensity, an ability to prioritize and focus on real issues, and an ability to know one’s strengths and weaknesses (what one doesn’t know) (and to utilize the best in what others do know) are more strongly related to best-in-class CEO leadership than traditional traits like being an extrovert or self-promotion.

The Findings: Their analysis uncovered that CEOs clearly differ when compared with others in Executive Positions and that two Characteristics stood out.

1) The ability to gauge and embrace necessary risks:
2) The ability to act and capitalizing on opportunities.

Have you found yourself hesitating or procrastinating with respect to potentially risking change, and or tackling roadblocks that would lead to opportunity? Click Here to Call 866-816-0991

They considered these characteristics the “core” of the CEO personality. In other words, a High Performing CEO is significantly less cautious and more likely to take action, when compared to other senior executives.

Have you taken action with respect to dealing with and holding your sales people accountable?

In addition, six other characteristics differentiate the typical CEO from other executives on a statistically significant basis:

• Drive and resilience
• Original thinking
• The ability to visualize the future
• Team building
• Being an active communicator
• The ability to catalyze others to action

It’s rare to have such detailed data related to the mindset of the CEO. It is even rarer to be able to link data to corporate performance.

In conclusion, they compared the results of Top Performing CEOs to less successful CEO’s, and identified that Top Performing CEOs stand out in three ways:

1) They have a greater sense of purpose, and demonstrate passion and urgency.

These traits often manifest themselves as intensity, impatience, and an eagerness to move forward as well as a strong sense of ownership and immersion in activities. In short, they asserted that the worst thing new CEOs can do is “sit on their hands.” The best-performing CEOs “move boldly and swiftly to transform their companies.”

2) They value substance and going straight to the core of the issue.

They have an ability to rise above the details and understand the larger picture and context. They have a keen sense of priorities as they think and act.

3) They have a greater focus on the Company, results, and others, than on themselves.

They find and utilize people who “know what they don’t know” and have an ability to be open-minded, seek additional information, and actively learn.




Impact on Sales! How can Business Owners Create an Immediate Impact on Revenue

Impact on Sales


Impact on Sales! How can Business Owners Create an Immediate Impact on Revenue

Every business... is in the business of sales; it is just that simple. However, there is a major difference between taking orders or managing existing accounts and developing a real sales culture that makes use of a consistent selling system.

Many companies, if not most, limit their growth and financial future by taking a hands-off or passive approach to sales. What they in effect are doing is placing their own financial future into the hands of their sales people. This is opposed to placing their sales people ,into a system of selling!

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The following Four steps are outlined to provide with a framework from which to begin.

1) Create, Implement and Consistently Utilize a Sales System.

Stop relying on Wing-It approach towards Sales.

Sales Process & Consistency = Sustainable Growth: Professional Sports Teams make use of a consistent offense, a consistent defense and an agreed-to set of plays. Without a Consistent Business Development Training Process, what you have are good people, with good intent who lack consistency in communicating, qualifying and closing new business! 

2) Create, Implement and Consistently Reinforce a Sales Culture

Many sales organization unfortunately and subconsciously focus on product quality, delivery or back end customer service. These are all necessary components of a successful company. However, without a Solid Sales Culture focused on producing new business that is consistently reinforced, sales people inevitably will fall back into old routines. It is critical that sales people have a laser like focus with respect to new business development.

3) Taking Ownership and Internalization of Sales Skills

Scrap the Monday Morning Motivational Sales Meeting!

At Peak Performance Sales Training our focus is on bridging the Gap between Knowing and Owning. Unless your people internalize a sales process, providing them with the confidence to deal with any sales barrier, you will not achieve sustainable growth! Professional Sports teams for example begin in training camp. They start out by becoming aware of and familiar with the playbook. It is only however after consistent reinforcement do they go from Knowing to Owning the material. What One Knows VS What One Does in the heat of the moment, is the key to Business Development Training Success.

4) Selling Deep | Getting beyond Surface Pain

The most successful and most profitable organizations have a focus on selling deep. Far too often sales people simply want to make the cheap sales and get out, leaving what often amounts to substantial profit on the table. Deep line questioning is necessary to uncover hidden needs of the customer. You must realize that your costs to advertise, attract, identify and close additional new business to make up for what sales people leave on the table is substantial. not to mention the additional backend service needed to maintain that business. Take Actionable Steps | Click Here to Call 866-816-0991






Utilize our Free Sales Growth Tools Below

Utilize our Sales Free Growth Tools Below

Stop Accepting Sales Mediocrity

Frustrated by the Barriers Inherent in Sales & Sales Recruiting?

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Overcoming Growth and Profit Barriers: We here at Peak Performance Sales Training understand firsthand the Growth and Profit Barriers inherent in Sales, Sales Mgmt. & Sales Recruiting, and the negative impact on your Business Experience and your Bottom Line. Our Sales Training takes into consideration your desired growth rate, profit margin & quality of life while operating your business. What is important is a sustained level of performance that will yield your desired growth rate with profits margins that make running your business a pleasure, opposed to managing day to day chaos.Stop accepting sales mediocrity and investigate Sales Tools that work, giving you back the control you deserve.

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