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Cold Calling Seminar | Proactive Prospecting Workshop

Cold Calling Seminar | Proactive Prospecting Workshop

Proactive Prospecting in a Negative Economy | Overcome Negative Impact of Traditional Prospecting

For Business Owners, CEO's & Sales Managers: Is your bottom line Suffering from a Purely Reactive Sales Team?

   Are your sales people consistent and effective in their prospecting efforts?

   Does your sales team say that prospecting simply doesn't work?

   Are their results of prospecting generally unqualified appointments with non-decision makers that fail to close?

   Does your sales team push you to invest more into marketing and advertising only to consistently produce disappointing results?

   Do your sales people tout the benefits of networking and trade shows instead of effectively and strategically going after new business?

If you're faced with a sales team that claims prospecting doesn't work - they are right! Their use of traditional and predictable prospecting techniques to make contact with and engage with potential customers often yields predictably poor results causing this counter-productive mindset. Click Here to contact Peak Performance or Call us Direct at 1-866-816-0991

For Sales People: Are you actually getting the results you deserve with regards to new client meetings?

  • Do you find yourself pitching from a defensive position when dealing with prospects?
  • Do you suffer from inconsistent prospecting efforts because of Call reluctance due to your existing results?
  • Do you find yourself simply reacting to incoming inquiries instead of strategically penetrating new accounts?
  • Do you spend most of your time calling on the same unqualified pipeline hopefuls without any results?

What is this actually costing you? Time, Money, Self Esteem, Your Job?

This detailed interactive course outlines:

  • The major mistakes most sales people make when prospecting that results in lost opportunities and the downward spiral of Call reluctance.
  • How several facets of traditional prospecting ultimately erect a wall between you and the listener!
  • Discover a unique step by step system that captures the attention of the listener leading to qualified appointments!
  • Discover how to establish real professional equality between you and your prospects so you control the tele-sales process.
  • Discover key prospecting strategies and techniques to use during the first thirty seconds of your Call to effectively engage your prospect.
  • Discover the key techniques to use during the last thirty seconds of your Call to get your prospect emotionally vested in meeting with you.
  • Uncover the real rules of scheduling qualified appointments that stick.
  • Secure your seat today, Click Here to contact Peak Performance or Call us Direct at 1-866-816-0991