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Head Hunter | Hire Top Producers | Call Now 866-816-0991

 Take the Gamble out of Sales Recruiting!

Head Hunter for Top Sales Producers: The 80/20 rule in the sales arena dictates that 80% of your production comes from 20% of your sales force! However, when you hire a sales-person you do so with high expectations only to find they were another disappointment and major expense. This means that 80% of your time & capital investment is wasted on the most unproductive hires!

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Business Owners and CEO's Take Actionable Steps

So what is it that differentiates top sales producers from the non-producers? More importantly, how much is it costing you every time you hire that mediocre producer? To review Process Oriented Sales Hiring used to differentiate talkers from producers Call us Direct: 866-816-0991 

Opportunity Cost: The cost of hiring, training, managing and motivating a new sales rep is a major expense to any sales organization. However the cost of hiring, training, managing and motivating a non producing sales rep creates a major negative impact to your bottom line. You invest in time, energy, salaries, advertising and marketing costs... only to find yourself back at square one

Most start over and rely on the same process and hiring criteria initially used that lead to a less than productive result. In other words you are relying on doing more of, what doesn't work!

Sales Hiring Concerns: Most Business Owners are frustrated with: 

Peak Performance Sales Training is exposed to a myriad of sales-people on a daily basis, but more importantly we are exposed to identifying what holds them back and how to remove the barriers to their sales success. Peak Performance Recruiting can be the difference!