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Philadelphia Sales Recruiters: We focus on increasing Your Bottom Line

We deal with Sales People from 140 Industries on a daily basis.

Philadelphia Sales Recruiters: As such we are exposed to a myriad of sales-people, but more importantly we are exposed to identifying what holds them back and how to remove the barriers to their sales success. Stop rolling the dice with traditional recruiting firms. Click Here to Investigate Options: 866-816-0991 to discuss Sales Recruiting to locate Top Sales Producers.

Peak Sales Recruiting Utilizes Behavioral Positioning:

The major differentiating factor between our Philadelphia Sales Recruiters and Traditional Sales Recruiting Firms is our clear understanding as to why hiring sales people is unlike hiring any other person within your company. The majority of sales organizations and sales recruiting companies believe that sales people are sales people. If you look at the game of baseball all of the players understand the game however they all play specific positions. In other words, if you are looking for a pitcher and inadvertently hire a catcher inevitably you are going to run into major problems. The day to day behavior (what a pitcher does each day to train and condition themselves to succeed) is completely different when compared with a catcher.

Peak Sales Recruiting Utilizes Written Pre-Hiring Evaluations:

Prior to hiring the applicant, you are provided with a thorough, third-party, multi-component written evaluation and opinion on hiring or not hiring each applicant. For more on avoiding the mistakes made in hiring and locating top sales producers Click Here to Review Viable Options: 866-816-0991

Peak Sales Recruiters Utilize Training, Coaching and Tracking:

After any Candidate is selected, we do not stop there. Our work just begins. Our services are turnkey including Written Evaluations, Training, Coaching and Tracking Behavioral Output. Prior to hiring, you shall be provided with thorough, third-party rendered written evaluations and opinions on hiring or not hiring each applicant. For more on avoiding the mistakes made in hiring and locating top sales producers Click Here to Discuss Options: 866-816-0991

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